Alexander Iskandaryan: The situation around the Karabakh conflict, today, is very difficult

Arminfo, Armenia
Jan 11 2019
Ani Mshetsyan

ArmInfo.The situation around the Karabakh conflict today is very difficult – despite the fact that there is no tension on the border; the Azerbaijani side does not  intend to put up with the status quo. Director of the Caucasus  Institute Alexander Iskandaryan said this at a press conference on  January 11.

According to him, the signals that come from Azerbaijan show that the  expectations of the settlement of the Karabakh conflict are being  poured into the society, and it is likely that they will be met. "I  don't think that a large-scale war is possible in the near future,  but I don't exclude the possibility of escalation," the political  scientist emphasized.