Total War Rome 2 Mod Divide et Impera v1.24 Released

Dec 30 2018

Total War Rome 2 Mod Divide et Impera v1.24 Released

Divide et Impera is a mod for Total War Rome 2 that has been with us for some time, it has won numerous awards from Creative Assembly including it’s best overhaul mod and most innovative mod in consecutive years. The mod gives us a greater experience of the realism of warfare during the Roman times and it gives greater importance on historical accuracy in regards to the factions and units. It also looks to improve the battle difficulty, diplomacy and campaign gameplay of the AI something that many Total War fans have yearned for, and it certainly brings about a higher level of intelligence for the AI giving you the challenge you’ve always wanted.

The developers have released their latest version just before Christmas and the latest version has a host of changes which can you can read in their release post here. The biggest changes involve new textures and skins for the Armenian units alongside historically accurate figures for the faction to give that authenticity for those wanting to try and emulate the Armenian Empire built more than 250 years before the death of Caesar.

ScipioTheGreat continues the AI overhaul in the mod. The AI will now have a minimum success chance has increased to 40%, it will have better financial management of its provinces and better intuition of strategic areas in the map of where it needs to be defensive or aggressive to take advantage of any weaknesses it finds. Diplomacy between AI factions has also improved with alliances genuinely meaning alliances, whereby other factions provide greater support to each other in times of need.

With over 100,000 people subscribed to the mod on Steam alone, are you ready to join the action and march your armies to victory? If so go on over to their download and installation thread here or their Steam workshop page here.


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