Israeli case of fake Armenian diplomas began to fall apart

Arminfo, Armenia
Dec 6 2018

ArmInfo. The criminal case of fake Armenian medical diplomas, code-named "License to kill," in Israel, has actually begun to fall apart.  According to the Israeli  media, yesterday the magistrate's court in Nazareth, decided to  change measure of restraint against previously taken into custody 22  interns and pharmacists, allegedly suspected of receiving fake  university diplomas, under house arrest.

The court rejected the police's request to extend the preliminary arrest, finding the  evidence submitted insufficient. Another 21 suspects in the same case  were released from custody without a court hearing.

One of them said: "I knew that this "mountain will bring forth a  mouse. "There was no reason to detain us.  The police caused us  serious damage and harm to our work. We demand an apology!". Attorney  Ahmad Raslan, representing several suspects, also said that "the  police exaggerated the value of the few materials it had to justify  the suspicion." According to him, the detainees are law-abiding  citizens from good families.  To recall, according to police  suspicions, the persons involved in the case – medical interns and  pharmacists, mostly of Arabic origin, presented diplomas to the  Ministry of Health on graduating medical and pharmacological  universities of Armenia. The investigation believes that the  documents are fictitious, since the suspects received them without  completing the full term of training.

To recall, in Armenia the scandal with fake medical diplomas did not  find a factual continuation. The administration of medical higher  education institutions, including private ones, then told ArmInfo  that the sale of diplomas is out of the question, perhaps the matter  concerns forged documents.

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