Nikol Pashinyan responds to the Republican candidate on Artsakh issue

Panorama, Armenia
Nov 27 2018

The leader of "My Step" bloc, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan referred today in Stepanavan to the statements of RPA representative Davit Shahnazaryan, who is the third on RPA list, regarding the current government's activities and their position on the Artsakh issue.

Recently, the republican David Shahnazaryan announced that the government has come to force to hand Karabakh. I do not want to make emotional announcements now, as the RPA and Davit Shahnazaryan do not maknot move any emotions, but I want you to get the answer to that question based on the facts. I am the first leader to clearly state that no one in the Republic of Armenia and the government can solve the issue of Artsakh, because the people are the ones who should solve it. If there is a solution to the Karabakh issue that is acceptable to the people, I will come and present the proposal to the people can decide whether to accept that proposal or not. This is the biggest guarantee that any government, especially our government, even if it is so crazy and traitorous, it cannot implement what is on the RPA's mind, "said the acting Prime Minister.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, he is the first Armenian leader to announce that he can speak on behalf of Armenia on Karabakh issue but will not negotiate on behalf of Karabakh. "The position of Artsakh can only be represented by Artsakh’s political forces. The position of Artsakh will be decisive, as it’s first of all the Artsakh people that should solve the issue of Artsakh, and no one can solve the issue against the will of Artsakh people ".

He also mentioned that recently, during his vacation in Artsakh, he invited the leadership of Artsakh, all the Armed Forces commanders, representatives of the political leadership and presented all the details of the talks on the Artsakh issue, the details of the negotiation process that we have had so far.

"I have just told them that I do not accept, including David Shahnazaryan's and other republicans’ point of view on the fact that we need 5-7 people to master the Karabakh issue on an expert level. I have said the opposite, the more people master it the better for us, as there cannot be a secret for Artsakh Armed Forces, diplomatic corps and, to some extent, for the people," said Nikol Pashinyan. "I have also publicly stated that it is unacceptable that international representatives ask us whether we are ready to make concessions or compromises. I have said that we refuse to answer that question as long as the international community does not ask the same question to Azerbaijan. If you ask the same question to Azerbaijan and get the answer, you are free to come and ask us."

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