Armenia’s parliament speaker urges political forces to exclude Artsakh from pre-election speeches

Panorama, Armenia
Nov 28 2018

Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Ara Babloyan has issued a statement calling on the political forces running for parliament to avoid touching upon the Artsakh issue in their speeches during the campaigning in the snap parliamentary elections.

“About 30-year history of the Republic of Armenia has proven that there are values which are not subject to any speculations, abuse or bargaining. These values cannot be reduced to a level of personal and political interests. And Artsakh has its special place among these values,” reads the statement released by the parliament’s official website on Wednesday.

Babloyan stressed the April 2016 flare-up showed how the whole Armenian nation united in support of the security of Artsakh and its people’s right to self-determination.

“There should be no ‘black’, ‘red’, ‘white’ or ‘green’ forces among us regarding the Artsakh issue. Let the divisions of political colors, if we cannot refuse from them at all, spread exclusively on the political fight, but Artsakh and Armenia have just one single color which is the Armenian tricolor. Moreover, the above mentioned equally refers to all the political forces.

“The tricolor is common like the security and future of Artsakh and the Republic of Armenia. Thus, I urge all of us to unite around a common position to exclude Artsakh from the vocabulary of the pre-election speeches and daily debates,” reads the statement.

The official also urged the Artsakh people to refrain from stirring up tensions in the pre-election period and not to respond to some misrepresented statements.

Eleven political forces, including two blocs and nine parties. are running in the December 9 early parliamentary elections. The election campaign that officially got under way on 26 November will last through 7 December, with 8 December to be declared a ‘day of silence’ in which no campaigning will be allowed. 

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