168: Technological development rates a serious challenge for media: ‘The Role of Media in Changing World’ forum kicks off in Yerevan


‘The Role of Media in a Changing World’ international media forum kicked off in Yerevan on November 23 during which the participants will discuss the future of media outlets and the development prospects of media industry in the context of rapid technological development rates.

The forum is attended by media representatives and experts. It is organized by the cooperation of ARMENPRESS state news agency and the Armenian branch of the Institute of CIS Countries.

Aram Ananyan, Director of ARMENPRESS, delivered remarks during the forum stating that the technological development rates will bring great challenges for the media. “During this event, which is being held for already the second time, we are discussing different issues relating to media and information field. This year the discussion focuses on the transformation of media outlets and information platforms in the context of the future. The contemporary journalism faces many challenges, but at the same time there are great opportunities today for media activity and partnership. And in order for us not only to be in accordance with the time and developments, but also to have our competitive role in the future media world, I think such discussions are more important than ever. One of the recent obvious trends is that our listeners, readers are not inclined to listen to comments on ongoing developments, but often want to get information with “here and now” regime. The development of social networks, the speed of information sharing in them also somehow affects our profession, speed. We think that the technological development, progress rates will bring more serious, great challenges”, Aram Ananyan said.

He stated that if now the assessment of public-media, expert field-media outlets relations, journalists and their role is not made and the formulas are not given, it will be difficult for all to find that formulas later in the era of rapid changes. He expressed hope that the discussions will be really interesting from economic and practical terms, adding that ARMENPRESS news agency celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018, which makes symbolic the discussion of the future in the context of rich experience of the past.

The main topic of discussion of the participants during the three sessions of the forum is the media transformation in the contemporary world. There will also be a separate session on the prospects of the Armenian print media.

Director of the Armenian branch of the Institute of CIS countries Alexander Margarov said it’s already the second year they are organizing media forums together with ARMENPRESS. According to him, such events enable not only to understand the development prospects of the contemporary media, but also the media and society interaction. Margarov said it’s still a question whether the media will replace the print media, or whether there will be another platform for mutual relations taking into account the ongoing developments in the digitization century. “It’s clear that the new media is more interactive, gives more opportunities to the people to be engaged. One of the tasks of the new media is to have an influence on democratization. The new media are viewed more democratic. Our task is to carry out democratization also through media, to affect the processes. In the rapidly changing world the society and the media have an interaction on one another”, Margarov said.

He informed that in addition to the media forum, a joint round-table discussion will be held next month dedicated to various issues, including the foreign policy in the region.

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