168: ‘Creating job opportunities is government’s methodology in solving any issue’ – Pashinyan pays visit to Syunik province


The Armenian government’s goal and methodology behind solving any issue is that an opportunity to work should be created for the people, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a meeting with residents of Kapan in Syunik Province.

“We believe that we must create the opportunity for work for our people, so that they build and create on their land and in their country. And this is the reason that we think that the citizen must be free, proud, the citizen must be respectful towards work and any work of the citizen must be respected.

You know, there is a certain logic, that certain people don’t do certain kind of work here in Armenia but they go to Russia and do any kind of work. I would like to say that any kind of work deserves respect. I first of all respect a working man. And I know that working people live in this settlement. Because if they weren’t working people Syunik wouldn’t be standing so firmly today,” Pashinyan said.

The acting PM thanked the citizens for their work.