Bluenero: Armenian startup presents the world’s first smart aquarium, Armenia
Sept 10 2018

Armenian startup Bluenero introduces the world’s first smart aquarium that makes keeping fish easier and more fun.

Bluenero CEO Vahe Tumanyan has told that they started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which allows to preorder the aquarium.

The concept

According to Vahe Tumanyan, aquarium industry is growing worldwide.

“We have reimagined the fish tank, giving it a classic, compact design on one hand and making it a smart, modern, all-in-one system on the other. Now people who want to keep fish can take care of them with their smartphone from work or any other place. No more worrying about the cleanliness of water and algae growth in your aquarium,” said Tumanyan.

The special features

Bluenero is designed to fit both saltwater and freshwater fish.

The Bluenero app for the aquarium makes it easier to feed the fish on time and refill the stock once a week, while the premium CREE LED stripe creates favorable conditions for the plants and corals.

The built-in HD camera allows watching the fish even if you are at a significant distance.

The technology

Bluenero’s aquariums are made of stainless steel and high-quality acryl. They also reduce noise level thanks to a special premium filter.

The price and types of product

Bluenero smart aquarium is available in several sizes and prices: USD 199 for 8-gallon tank, USD 399 (16 gal), USD 599 (26 gal) and USD 749 (36 gal).
The startup also sells filter parts, salinity sensors, Bluenero brand tools, etc.

The first orders are expected to be delivered in September 2019.

Narine Daneghyan