Azerbaijani Press: Azerbaijani Citizen Tanriverdiyeva Asks for Asylum in Armenia

Turan Information Agency, Azerbaijani Opposition Press
September 3, 2018 Monday
Azerbaijani Citizen Tanriverdiyeva Asks for Asylum in Armenia
Baku / 03.09.18 / Turan: On August 26, a 50-year-old Gulnara Tanriverdiyeva, a citizen of Azerbaijan, resident of the Absheron village of Jorat, applied to the Armenian government with a request to grant her asylum.
Initially Tanriverdiyeva left for Iran by bus, and from there she arrived in Yerevan, where she made a statement about the infringement of her rights in Azerbaijan.
All this was reported by the Yerevan Internet news channel, to which Tanriverdiyeva gave an interview in Yerevan.
Answering the correspondent's questions, she said in the Azerbaijani language that she complained to state authorities and officials in Azerbaijan, starting from the President, reporting a distressed and desperate situation. But no one answered her appeals, after which she decided to apply for asylum in Armenia.
"Let the whole country know what happened to me," she said.
The Azerbaijani media and state organizations do not report the flight of Tanriverdiyeva to Armenia. Earlier in the Azerbaijani media there was also no information about the difficult situation of Tanriverdiyeva.
The video interview with Tanriverdiyeva on Armenian TV can be viewed here.

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