Tonoyan announced Armenia’s intention to purchase multifunctional aviation

Arminfo, Armenia
Aug 28 2018
Tonoyan announced Armenia's intention to purchase multifunctional aviation

Yerevan August 28

Marianna Mkrtchyan. The armed forces of Armenia, possessing clearly expressed ground forces, hoped for air superiority and air defense only in the air defense and missile systems. This August 28, speaking with a lecture before the participants of the upcoming Shant-2010 exercises, said Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan.

Noting the importance of steps to equip the army, modernize the management system and strengthen the fighting efficiency of personnel, Tonoyan assured that now work is in progress to update the armament projects, within which it is planned to purchase multipurpose aircraft. "To this day, the Armenian Armed Forces had clearly defined ground forces, which in the struggle for air superiority hoped only for air defense and land-based missile systems, but times have changed." To ensure the VS greater maneuverability, it is necessary to have fighter-bomber aircraft, since no missile system will not replace the use of these opportunities in terms of flexibility and endurance, "said the head of the Armenian Defense Ministry.

Tonoyan presented his vision of the development of the defense sphere, priorities. Referring to the prerequisites for the development of the Armed Forces, the minister noted the importance of constant training, reforming and turning the army into a more maneuverable reality. "Horizontal communication, without bureaucratic delays, should become the norm, not an exception.We will remove the artificial barriers that interfere or seriously complicate the interaction, excluding the so-called" herd "method of work when individual links advance their agenda without knowing the general idea that unites them, "the minister said.

Tonoyan also stressed the modernization of the advanced by equipping it with modern technical means, as well as improving the efficiency of combat missions. According to the Minister, thanks to the works carried out in the second half of 2016 and in 2017, the equipment of advanced video surveillance equipment has dramatically changed, which has made it possible to significantly reduce the enemy's capabilities to carry out a sudden diversionary penetration. According to him, in the process is a project to create an integrated system for detecting the enemy, making decisions, defeating the enemy's fire and engineering facilities, and assessing the damage.

Tonoyan, among the priority tasks facing the Armed Forces, also highlighted the process to improve the methods of carrying out combat duty. "Our goal is to significantly shorten the time of finding personnel under the enemy's sights, to increase the level of protection and stability, and to increase the likelihood of destroying enemy subversive groups," the head of the defense department said.

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