168: ‘I don’t know why people are criticizing so much’ – Henrikh Mkhitaryan


Armenian national football team captain and London’s Arsenal midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan commented on the criticisms addressed to him and his team, BBC reported.

Mkhitaryan said he “doesn’t know why people are criticizing so much”.

“I’m the worst critic in my football game and I don’t need extra criticism. I know very well what I am giving to the team and what the team gives me. We have a new manager and are trying to adapt to his philosophy and also his demands. It has been a tough start of course – we faced two good teams in Man City and Chelsea – but you don’t have any easy opponents in this league. We lost the first game and the second one as well. But that’s football. We just have to stay positive and continue working hard and the good results will come”, Mkhitaryan said.

He added that they don’t feel any pressure, don’t think that something is going wrong.

The midfielder said he doesn’t pay attention to criticisms because he knows if he has played bad or well.

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