A1+: Hayk Alumyan: I cannot publish it

According to Robert Kocharyan’s lawyer Hayk Alumyan, the accusation against the second president has five pages and cannot be summed up briefly. “I cannot publish it.”

According to Hayk Alumyan, the SIS could not announce that the decision of the Appeal Court is illegal. “It is a pity that the state body considers the court’s decision illegal, the state body makes a statement on behalf of the state and they could say they do not agree.”

According to him, it is impossible to make predictions about further developments, even one minute before he cannot guess what the court will decide.

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Emil Lazarian

“I should like to see any power of the world destroy this race, this small tribe of unimportant people, whose wars have all been fought and lost, whose structures have crumbled, literature is unread, music is unheard, and prayers are no more answered. Go ahead, destroy Armenia . See if you can do it. Send them into the desert without bread or water. Burn their homes and churches. Then see if they will not laugh, sing and pray again. For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia.” - WS