Vladimir Karapetyan: Kocharyan is protected by money, by hired people (video)

Member of ANC: “The executioner of free speech, Robert Kocharyan, will not escape from justice.”

“Robert Kocharyan will not be able to escape from justice,” Vladimir Karapetyan, Chairman of the Armenian National Congress (ANC) Foreign Affairs Committee, told “A1+.”

“I am confident that Kocharyan, the executioner of free speech, the one during whose days the slaughter of March 1 [2008] occurred, will not escape from accountability.”

The member of the ANC is not surprised from the fact that more than 40 MPs gathered the signatures to change Kocharyan’s preventive measure on March 1 case. He expected more. “They had to ‘flood’ the streets and TV companies to speak and praise him, to protect the person who helped to make wealth during their rule.”

The representative of the ANC believes that today the money plays a role: “We all know that Kocharyan has great capabilities and spends tens of thousands of dollars to hire lawyers and, perhaps, the head of the office, so that they can say one or two positive words [about him]. Those people who are not paid by Robert Kocharyan, are silent,” said Vladimir Karapetyan.