168: Prosecutor General doesn’t consider change of executive power a basis for his resignation


Prosecutor General of Armenia Artur Davtyan doesn’t consider the change of executive power as a basis for his resignation, stating that the Prosecutor’s Office is an independent body.

During the meeting with reporters in the Armenian Parliament on May 15, commenting on the rumors about his resignation, Artur Davtyan said independent bodies are being created in the state institutions for which guarantees for their formation and independence of activity are being defined.

“The Prosecutor General is elected by 3/5 of the total number of MPs. These procedures are not accidental. They are directed for these bodies to be independent. And they are independent firstly from the executive power. Now the executive power has changed in our country, but if the change of executive power must definitely lead to change of the heads of independent bodies, I think in this case we will violate the independence guarantees”, Artur Davtyan said.

He assured that he has never had, doesn’t have a political dependency and will not have during his future activities.

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