National Security Service discovers large amount of counterfeit banknotes


The National Security Service of Armenia recently prevented a major drug smuggling attempt on Armenia-Iran border. An Iranian national approached the Armenian-Iranian border and threw 3kg of opium over the barbed wires to two Armenians waiting for him in the opposite side of the border. Taking the packages of the opium the Armenians tried to leave the scene, but were caught by the NSS officers.

The NSS reported that 148 pieces of 100 USD counterfeit banknotes, a total of 14.800 USD, were found among the two Armenian citizens charged by a criminal case on drug smuggling and illicit trafficking. As a result of the investigative operations it was revealed that these counterfeit banknotes were sold by a resident of Agarak to one of the two citizens. 1700 more USD counterfeit banknotes were found also during the search in the car of Agarak resident.

Criminal case was launched into the incident.

Investigation continues to find out the source of counterfeit money and people involved in the incident.

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