Charles Aznavour attends inaugural ceremony of “Memory Lanterns” Armenian Genocide memorial in Geneva


The “Memory Lanterns” memorial dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims opened in the Trembley park in Geneva, Switzerland on April 13, which was also attended by renowned French-Armenian singer, Armenia’s Ambassador to Switzerland Charles Aznavour.

“This memorial tells us that such event should never repeat again”, Charles Aznavour told RTS.

“Switzerland’s National Council recognized the Armenian Genocide, as well as the city of Geneva acknowledged the Genocide by a separate resolution. The plans on building such memorial existed long ago, but every time they met Turkish counteraction and were postponed. In 2008 Geneva voted for constructing a memorial dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims”, RTS writes.

The memorial consists of 10-meter-long 9 lanterns. The author is Melik Ohanyan. “The idea of this memorial is that there is no single point where it is erected, but that important point is the visitor. It also symbolizes the Diaspora that is spread in different countries and sheds light from these places”, Ohanyan said.

Switzerland’s National Council (lower house of the parliament) adopted a resolution on December 16, 2003 by which it recognized the Armenian Genocide.

The law on criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide operates in Switzerland since 1994.

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