Serzh Sargsyan showed he is the president of all: MP Kostanyan comments on President’s interview


RPA faction MP Gevorg Kostanyan attaches great importance to the statement of President Serzh Sargsyan according to which if nominated for the post of the prime minister he said he will convey his experience and knowledge to the young leaders regardless of their political affiliation.

At a meeting with reporters in the Parliament, Gevorg Kostanyan said by this the President showed that he is the president of all.

“The President showed that he doesn’t put a difference on the political orientation of the youth on using their potential for the benefit of the country. This is very important”, Gevorg Kostanyan said.

Asked why President Sargsyan takes on him the task to prepare young leaders, MP Kostanyan said: “The country’s President, leader has a very important function: in addition to governing the country, he must ensure the upbringing of the young generation and the continuation of the country’s effective governance. And who else should make a similar call? The President stated that he is the president of all and will use the potential of everyone for the country’s welfare. Of course, Serzh Sargsyan should have announced this since no one else could announce it and do what he can do”.

Commenting on the question according to which the President announces that the inner political situation in the country has not been so stable as it is now, whether he means that there is no opposition anymore, the MP assured that the President couldn’t say anything like that. According to the MP it is an axiomatic truth that the country’s progress and development is linked exclusively with the presence of the opposition.

“The presence of the opposition is just a necessity for each state and leadership. Serzh Sargsyan was talking about the fact that the situation is stable, there are no great fluctuations in the political field which is the most important guarantee for the country’s development and progress. No country can develop without a stability guarantee”, the MP said.

In an interview to, President Serzh Sargsyan, asked will he become the Prime Minister in April, responded: “It’s not a secret for anyone that this topic is being discussed in various formats for months inside the Republican Party of Armenia, that assumed the political responsibility to form the Government based on the parliamentary elections, and the ARF that is in coalition with the RPA, though those discussions have not still reached the party-institutional level. Many of my colleagues have talked to me about the issue, but I do not know when the discussions will be over. But if finally it’s decided that my candidacy should be nominated, I will have one precondition, which is that parallel to the full implementation of my constitutional powers I will allocate more time to convey the entire experience of the years our country to the young political leaders. This is an issue of key importance for today. We all have something to do for shaping new political leaders irrespective of their party belonging and their current political position”.

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