Azerbaijani teacher dismissed for putting Armenian national costume on pupil

Aravot, Armenia
Jan 14 2018

Azerbaijanologist Tatevik Hayrapetyan, speaking about the Azerbaijani teacher dismissed because of peace urges, noted: “Azerbaijani teacher had organized a performance at school, trying to represent the conflict simulation together with pupils of 5-6 classes. He had written on his Facebook page that he hated war, which had induced the response of Azerbaijani nationalists. He was humiliated in front of his pupils and called Armenian.”

We speak of the teacher of High School. N. 200 of Baku, Roshan Azizov, who had even put Armenian national costume on his pupil and taken her photograph in front of a closed Armenian church in Baku, he had also published a video about his Armenian-speaking pupils, which Azerbaijanologist Tatevik Hayrapetyan considers a courageous step.

By the way, the nationalists had entered the school by force and shot on the peace-loving teacher. Azerbaijanologist mentions that he was dismissed because of calling on for tolerance and peace, however, in Azerbaijan they say that the reason was a non-proper working style.