Climate of Armenia can become tropical

There was snow in the Sahara Desert several days ago, but it is “spring” in Yerevan today. This is not the first time, however, that the Meteorological Center of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations predicted a higher air temperature than norms r weather anomalies for this winter. Environmentalist, Karine Danielyan, president of the Association for Sustainable Human Development, does not consider this unexpected.

“Global climate change is taking place. This is not surprising for scholars, as many decades ago this warning was made by scientists that if humanity continues its attitude towards nature, then the environment will change, so that man can no longer live on this planet,” says Karine Danielyan.

“Changes can be made, for example, to the National Climate Change Convention report, so the desertification risks and the risks of reducing water resources will increase. There are also, however, other predictions, such as that our climate can become tropical and the nature can change in positive direction. Thus, the system is so destabilized that it seems impossible to predict something seriously,” says Karine Danielyan.

This type of winter in Armenia will first of all hit agriculture. If there was frost, snow and ice, we would lose most of the crop.

Regardless of the fact that meteorologists consider this winter a weather anomaly, citizens are satisfied.

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