If you send me to Africa, I will shoot African good films – Sergei Parajanov

“I’m an Armenian, I live in Tbilissi, I’m accused of Ukrainian nationalism, I’m filming good films, and even if you send me to Africa, I’ll shoot African good films,” said Sergei Parajanov.

Sergei Parajanov’s museum is one of the most visited museums in Yerevan. However, according to the founder of the museum Zaven Sargsyan, the important thing is not the number of visitors. “There are people who are coming here only to say that they were in this museum,” he says, ” But there are some others, who do not know about this museum, but they get impressed from it. And there are fans of his art, who come here to be filled with emotions.” The director of the museum attaches great importance to the visit of children.

This year marks the 27th anniversary of the museum’s opening. “Parajanov was very happy for this house, even he came here when it was more or less constructed, and gave some advice”, recalls Zaven Sargsyan. “The construction stopped at the 1988 earthquake, and the museum opened its doors in 1991, but Parajanov has already passed away.”

This year, the museum is preparing to publish a new book where Parajanov’s prison memoirs and documents will be first publicized.

Today is Sergei Parajanov’s birthday.

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