Armenia President: We will return our relatives to Armenia, Armenia
Dec 31 2017
Armenia President: We will return our relatives to Armenia Armenia President: We will return our relatives to Armenia

00:11, 01.01.2018

YEREVAN. – Armenia will do its outmost to return our relatives who left the country, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said in his traditional New Year message.

“Honorable citizens of the Republic of Armenia, Dear Compatriots, I would like to thank you before we bid farewell to 2017. I am grateful to soldiers and workers, intellectuals and businessmen of Armenia for selfless work, patriotism and patience,” President said addressing the Armenians.

“Let the faith for our people and the future of the country give us strength in the New Year. We are gathered at the table to celebrate. All of us are summing up the passing year, expressing gratitude to God. Let’s greet 2018 with positive emotions of friendship and love. 2017 was a year of consistent work and implementation of serious projects, the rate of large-scale changes has not reduced, and, it made the changes more determined. The achievements are first of all the positive results we have this year.”

“And yet we have to work much to consolidate the foundations of the Armenian statehood and society. Our ambitions are great and we will be consistent in their implementation. We will continue to safeguard the rights and interests of Artsakh. Every citizen of Armenia should feel the work of the Armenian authorities and should give us a sense of confidence. We have a wonderful country and we should be proud of being a citizen of such a country.”

“Dear Compatriots, in 2017 we elected a new National Assembly.

The political competition was hot, but the atmosphere was constructive. We avoided hostility and separation of the opposing camps. It is much more important than the percent of votes.

This is another sound trend that we have to move from the past year to a new one. From now on, mutual respect, tolerance and solidarity are the constant guidelines of Armenia’s political life. At the end of next year, we will finish our work on a new government system. It is a wonderful coincidence that we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Armenia in 2018.

We can confidently say that this date is approaching with stronger and more developed state and non-governmental organizations. Together we will return our relatives who have left Armenia. They will come because they will see a bigger area for working and expressing themselves in Armenia. The purpose of our work is to open new opportunities, to create a wider field of activity for every citizen of Armenia.”

“Dear compatriots,

In 2017, we gave impetus to the strengthening of our Armed Forces. As a result of the changes, the parents sending their child to the army should be confident that he is serving in the Armed Forces with excellent organization and exceptional discipline. Let’s wish our servicemen good service. Let’s express our gratitude to those safeguarding our peace.

Another year in the millenniums of Armenia and the history of our young independent statehood. Let the Armenian-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity continue to strengthen in 2018, let our borders be secure and our homes hospitable.

Let us lift a glass and wish peace to Armenia, warmth and strength to our families. And, let’s never forget that family is the foundation of our country. May always the atmosphere of love, happiness, care and understanding be at each home. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!”

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