Germany aware of Turkey’s attacks being planned against Turkish-Armenians living in Europe

Armenpress News Agency , Armenia

Germany aware of Turkey's attacks being planned against
Turkish-Armenians living in Europe

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 22, ARMENPRESS. The German law enforcement agencies
have announced that they are aware of the statement issued by ethnic
Armenian lawmaker of the Turkish parliament Garo Paylan according to
which assassination attempts are being planned against
Turkish-Armenians and Turkish-Alevis living in several European
countries, in particular in Germany, Deutsche Welle reports.

The law enforcement agencies said they are observing the reports on
possible attacks.

“We are aware of the aforementioned danger, we carefully observe the
situation. But we cannot provide further details on the situation and
defense measures”, the statement says.

Garo Paylan, an ethnic Armenian lawmaker of the Turkish parliament,
announced during a press conference in the parliament that he has an
intelligence data according to which an assassination attempt is being
planned against the Turkish-Armenians settled in Europe. Paylan
informed that the assassination attempts are being organized by a
structure operating in Turkey. “I have information that certain groups
are preparing an operation against Turkish-Alevis and
Turkish-Armenians living in Europe, as well as journalists, writers,
academicians who were forced to leave Turkey under the ruling Justice
and Development Party which must create a great reaction”, Paylan
said. The lawmaker refused to inform from where he has received this

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