When Lena Nazaryan is asked a strange question after becoming MP

Lena Nazaryan, an MP from the Yelk (Way out) faction, does not like to interview about women and politics.

“This topic seems like a trap, as one can think that the woman and politics are such an unusual, unnatural, illogical thing to talk about it, like talking about the elephant in the circus,” she says.
One of the objectives of Lena Nazaryan as a deputy was to break the stereotypes about women’s role in social and political life.

“In Armenia, women are 52 percent, but they are so isolated that they seem to be alone. Women do not support other women. They do not vote for women with the same ideaas that they have, do not raise women’s issues and do not support them. ”

Lena Nazaryan underlines that her parents and husband have definitely supported her in becoming MP. So, it was strange for her to hear such question: “Friends, acquaintances and strangers often ask me who nominated me, and I reply, I nominated myself.”

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