Sumo best wrestler resigns

Sumo’s current best wrestler, Harumafugy, resigned. This morning, a 33-year-old Mongolian athlete informed Hakaku, the head of the Soma Japan Association, that he resigned.

According to local media, the resignation of the winner of the nine major tournaments is related to the incident that took place a month ago, when he first hit his countryman, 27-year-old Takanovia, with a bottle and then with his fists. The latter was taken to the hospital with brain concussion and was discharged on November 9. Harumafugy later apologized to Takanovia and his trainer, but in vain.

This is the second case that the Sumo athlete is forced to resign for his inappropriate behavior. The first was Mongolian Sumoist Asashoriu, who bit a visitor in one of Tokyo’s bars in 2010.

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