California Courier Online, Nov. 2, 2017

The California Courier Online, November 2, 2017
1 –    Commentary
        Delighted to Report That Azeri Officials
        Read My Columns and Follow My Advice
        By Harut
The California
2    Survivor
of Baku Pogroms
Idaho’s Twin
Falls City Council 
3 –    Armenian
Genocide Film Takes Best
Documentary Award in Glendale
4 –    Letter
to the Editor
5 –    Charles Aznavour and Sister Aida
Medal for Saving Jews in WWII
6    Kardashian Family Goes to Trademark
with a Bakery Named Kardashian
7 –    Map
of Ancient Armenia
Unveiled in
Causes Stir in Turkish Media
8 –    Armenian-American Prosecutor Held in
        U.S. Airport Because of Racial Profiling
9 –    Catholicos
Karekin II Visits AGBU Vatche
Tamar Manoukian School in Pasadena
10-   Medical
Mission III to Armenia
Returns to Fresno
        By Berj Apkarian
        Honorary Armenian Republic
        Consul to Fresno
11-   AESA Nov. 11 Gala
        Banquet Will Honor
        Three Scientists
1 –    Commentary
        Delighted to Report That Azeri Officials
        Read My Columns and Follow My Advice
        By Harut Sassounian
        Publisher, The California Courier
Back in
August 2013 I wrote a column headlined: “Baku’s
Blacklist of Artsakh Visitors Helps Armenia, Hurts Azerbaijan,” explaining the
foolishness of Azeri officials blacklisting anyone who visits Nagorno Karabagh
(Artsakh) without Azerbaijan’s
permission. I stressed that blacklisting visitors to Artsakh from around the
world was a disservice to the interests of Azerbaijan
in the first place, because the blacklist isolated Azerbaijan from the rest of the
world! In fact, the larger the number of blacklisted people — many of them
prominent individuals and high-ranking officials — the more Azerbaijan deprives itself of such
important visitors.
In my
2013 column, after quoting several famous individuals who ridiculed being
blacklisted by Azerbaijan,
I suggested that my name be also added to the blacklist since I had gone to
Artsakh and written a column about my visit. Amazingly, shortly after my
suggestion, the government of Azerbaijan
added my name to the blacklist: “Harut Sassounian, Syrian-American journalist of
Armenian descent.” Since then, I visited Artsakh again!
I must
add that many years ago, while Papa Aliyev was the President of Azerbaijan, he
invited me through intermediaries to Baku
to meet with him and discuss the Nagorno Karabagh conflict. Of course, I
declined the invitation. I even turned down Pres. Heydar Aliyev’s offer to meet
with him in a third country, such as the UK,
if I did not want to come to Azerbaijan.
I turned down that suggestion too. So, now that I am on the black list, Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry has deprived their
President of the ability to invite me to Baku!
are more than 700 names on the Azeri blacklist, including parliament members,
businessmen, journalists, entertainers, elected officials and other
celebrities. The latest visitor to Artsakh to be blacklisted is Anthony
Bourdain, who is the host of a world famous CNN food show. Last week, he went
to Armenia and Artsakh to do
a TV program on the Armenian cuisine in both countries, and Azerbaijan immediately declared him
persona non grata!
name was added to the blacklist “for his disrespect of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity
and sovereignty,” Hikmet Hajiyev, Azeri Foreign Ministry spokesman, told Agence
France-Presse. “Filming a food show on Azerbaijan's occupied territory is
an insult to one million Azerbaijani refugees who were forcefully expelled from
their homes,” Hajiyev added. This makes no sense. The only thing Azeri
officials were able to accomplish is prevent Bourdain from going to Azerbaijan
and prepare a CNN show on the Azeri cuisine, which would have provided a lot of
publicity for the country!
Azerbaijan’s black list has several major shortcomings:
1) So
far, there are only 700 names on the black list, whereas, over the years,
several hundred thousand tourists have visited Artsakh from around the world.
While the names of all visitors to Artsakh are not publicly known, certainly
much more than 700 visitors have gone to Artsakh! It appears that someone at Azerbaijan’s
Foreign Ministry is sleeping on the job.
2) Why
is it that of the 700 names on the black list, there is not a single citizen of
While the names of regular visitors from Armenia
may not be known to Azeri officials, they surely know that the President, Prime
Minister, and other high-ranking officials from the Republic of Armenia
frequently visit Artsakh and their trips are well publicized. Could it be that Azerbaijan does not consider citizens of Armenia
visiting Artsakh to be foreigners? Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry’s website
acknowledges that “Nagorno-Karabagh” is “temporarily out of the control of the Republic of Azerbaijan.” Is it possible that Azerbaijan now considers Artsakh to be
permanently “out of the control of the Republic of Azerbaijan?”
3) Very
few of the blacklisted visitors have complained about not being able to visit Azerbaijan.
On the contrary, many of them have expressed their pride that their names are
on Azerbaijan’s
black list. Even more shocking, several individuals, not seeing their names on
the black list after visiting Artsakh, have asked that they be added to the
black list because they consider being on that list a badge of honor!
To make
matters worse, in recent months Azerbaijan
has requested that other countries extradite their citizens to Baku for having visited
Artsakh. In one case, a journalist from Belarus
was shamefully arrested and sent to Azerbaijan where he was jailed for
several months! He was finally released after international pressure on Azerbaijan
and condemnation by the European Council.
This is
an abuse of power and export of Azeri oppression and intimidation to third
countries which must be ashamed for collaborating with a despotic Azeri regime!
2 –    Survivor
of Baku Pogroms
Idaho’s Twin
Falls City Council 
Idaho – Armenian-American businesswoman and
community leader Liyah Babayan is running for the Twin Falls City Council, reports the Idaho
Chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).
serious thought, prayer and the blessing of my family, I am excited to announce
my candidacy for Twin Falls
City Council and respectfully ask for your vote this November 7th to represent
#ThePeopleFirst as your next City Councilwoman,” remarked Babayan in an
announcement to her supporters.  “I accept with grace the opportunity to
give back to the city and country that gave my family a second chance at life.”
Born in Baku, Azerbaijan,
Babayan survived the 1990 pogrom and massacre against Christian Armenians,
eventually finding refuge with her family in the US
state of Idaho,
where she has become a respected small business owner, School Board member, and
ANCA activist.
“It is a
great pleasure to see young Armenian-Americans, especially survivors of
anti-Christian pogroms in Azerbaijan,
run for public office in the United
States of America,” remarked ANCA Western
Region chair Nora Hovsepian. “Liyah’s commitment to civic engagement and
justice was best illustrated last year when she led the grassroots pressure
that compelled the withdrawing of an absurd resolution in the Idaho legislature, prompting’s February 18, 2016 headline, ‘Armenian
Lobbying Group Kills Idaho Resolution Praising Azerbaijan.’ We wish Liyah best
of luck and call on the Armenian-American community to support her noble
pursuit of representing the hardworking people of Twin Falls, Idaho
on the City Council,” continued Hovsepian.
to Babayan’s campaign can be made online. For details about her campaign, visit
The full
text of her biography from is below:
small business owner Liyah Babayan is most known for her hyper-local influence
and leadership. Surviving religious persecution and ethnic killings, her family
arrived in Twin Falls
as refugees when she was ten years old. Liyah watched her educated parents
tirelessly work two full time jobs each, lowest paying, entry level to rebuild
their life in the United
States from absolutely nothing. Homelessness
and extreme poverty is a reality Liyah understands first hand, as her family
experienced both. To help her family out, Liyah started working at the age of
13 until she graduated from Twin Falls
High School.. This work
ethic became the guiding principle of her life.
studied military and political science at Southern Oregon University and
History at College
of Southern Idaho. From a
young age she loved the hustle and free market spirit of the American Dream. An
entrepreneur at heart, at 22 years old Liyah took a leap of faith. Launching
her business Ooh La La Boutique, during the peak of the Great Recession,
cultivated her resourcefulness and smart budgeting practices. She knows the important
role small business plays in the local economy and personally understands how
government can support these leaders to succeed or slow progress with excessive
and overreaching regulations. Under Liyah’s direction, Ooh La La became a
platform for empowerment in the Magic
Valley by raising
awareness and resources for various groups. Liyah shares the value of
compassionate response throughout our community, addressing various causes dear
to her including elderly neglect, cycle of poverty, childhood food insecurity,
addiction recovery, and cultural integration of refugees.
on various city and civic commissions, Liyah asks the difficult questions and
takes a courageous stand on issues affecting the residents of Twin Falls. As a community leader she served
three years as our School Board of Trustee, working on budgeting, building
schools, and hiring a superintendent. Her leadership style is transparent,
bold, and accountable. As a mother, she understands parents and the concern for
their children to grow up in a safe and healthy community. Liyah delivers a
unique voice and perspective to strategic plans, policy, and decision making.
There is a huge difference between being elected and getting things done. Liyah
Babayan gets things done! Service to community is the consistent theme of her
professional career for the last ten years in the Magic Valley.
Representing ‘The People First’ is Liyah’s number one priority as she advocates
for a more transparent, inclusive, and responsible local government!
3 –    Armenian
Genocide Film Takes Best
Documentary Award in Glendale
GLENDALE (Los Angeles Times) – Glendale resident Levon
Parian took home the Best Feature Documentary award for “Crows of the Desert”
at the Glendale International Film Festival, which wrapped on October 22.
The doc, set during the Armenian Genocide,
detailed Parian’s grandfather’s escape from the Ottoman Calvary and his
ultimate rescue of 1,000 Armenians.
The film was based on Parian’s book and directed
by Marta Houske.
All awards included a “Certificate of
Recognition” from the California State Legislature signed by state
Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (D-Glendale).
Best Actress and Best Actor awards went to Charlene Rose of Sherman
Oaks and
Mikael Sharafyan of Glendale for the film “The
Bride from Vegas” which also won Best Feature Film. It was directed by Artur
Levonovich Babayan.
4 – Letter to the editor
I couldn't stop the tears bursting from my eyes
reading your Oct. 19, 2017 editorial about your high school teacher. I was so
excited really, because I had a similar history.
In Istanbul’s
"Getronagan Lycée" when I finished the "michnagark" and
couldn't continue to finish the Lycée for the same reason as you, and just
because I did not have another Ms.Balian and had to stop my education.
I cried reading your editorial because I
understood your feelings on my skin. I appreciated every line of your
editorial and I considered that you were lucky because after so many years
to see again this wonderful woman, and being able to tell your feelings
and gratitude face to face to give her a small satisfaction and much more
perhaps to you
I wish we had more Ms..Balians in our
schools (hard to believe if they exist in our days) to encourage our young
generations, and who knows, to produce other Sassounians. It was a
wonderful and beautiful story which gave me a meaningful and enormous
pleasure and I am sure also to many others who read your editorial. Thank you
very much Harut.
I am so glad you can continue your true and
difficult "baykar" for our "noble cause". Asduzo tsérke
togh mishd vrat ella.
Hayrabet Basar
Nice, France
5 –    Charles
Aznavour and Sister Aida Received
Medal for Saving Jews in WWII
JERUSALEMThey gave shelter to Jews and other
persecuted during the Holocaust
The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation
(IRWF) bestowed the “Raoul Wallenberg Medal” upon the siblings Aida and Charles
Aznavour. This prestigious award is a token of recognition to the Aznavour
family, mother Knar, father Mischa and their aforementioned daughter and son,
who during the dark days of the Nazi occupation in France, reached-out to those
persecuted by the Nazis.
The ceremony of bestowal took place on October 26,
at the Official Residence of the President of the State of Israel, Reuven
The Aznavours were closely linked to the Missak
Manouchian Resistance Group and in this context they have offered shelter to
Armenians, Jews and others at their own Paris
flat, risking their own lives.
This story of solidarity and civic courage was
conveyed by Charles Aznavour to Professor Yair Auron, a
world-renowned Israeli scholar specialized in Holocaust and Genocide studies.
Among the attendants were Helene Le Gal,
Ambassador of France; Magnus Hellgren, Ambassador of Sweden and Eli Yerushalmi,
Ambassador of Israel in Armenia.
Abigail Tenembaum, IRWF Vice president of the
IRWF, conducted the ceremony. She thanked President Rivlin for hosting the
event and Professor Auron for disclosing the feats of the Aznavours during the
Nazi occupation, how they gave shelter to people persecuted by the Nazis, at
their own Paris flat,
putting the whole
story in the context
of the Foundation’s Houses of Life program.
Baruch Tenembaum, founder of the IRWF, presented
the medal to Charles Aznavour and, accompanied by Ariel Cohen Sabban, head of
DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas de Argentina), bestowed the medal
upon Nicolas Aznavour, on behalf of her aunt Aida.
Charles Aznavour said that he always felt very
close to the Jewish people and even knew the Jewish prayers better than the
Christian ones. He expressed that he felt deeply honored to receive the
accolade, especially in Jerusalem,
one of his favorite cities.
In a very candid tone, Aznavour raised the issue
of the Armenian Genocide, asking President Rivlin why Israel does not officially
recognize it as such.
In turn, President Rivlin said how he and his
wife Nechama admire Aznavour and even started their relationship listening to
his memorable songs. He congratulated Aznavour on this well merited recognition
and he outlined his personal commitment to the Armenian people and how he
always denounced the terrible massacre that they suffered. He said that beyond
any definition, it is clear what happened to the Armenian people and now, as
President, he is bound to speak in one voice with the government. He remarked
that “whoever saves a life saves the world entire” and the “Aznavours saved
many lives”. He prompted Aznavour to feel at home and added that as far as he’s
concerned, “Armenians are our brothers”. “I hope you feel the same”. Aznavour
nodded in agreement. President Rivlin praised the activities of the IRWF and
placed a special emphasis on the NGO’s Houses of Life program, saying that he is
hearing wondering echoes about this initiative.
In a joint statement, Eduardo Eurnekian,
Chairman of the IRWF, and Baruch Tenembaum said: “The International Raoul
Wallenberg Foundation is dedicated to preserving and divulging the legacy of
the rescuers. Our main mission is the recognition of goodness. The Aznavour
family has shown us, through their spirit of solidarity, the face of those who
opted not to stand idly by in the face of evil. Aida and Charles Aznavour were
young people during the Holocaust, but they knew very well the perils entailed
and together with their parents, they chose to lend a helping hand to those in
need. It is a great honor for our Foundation to bestow upon Aida and Charles
Aznavour, and through them to their dear parents, Knar and Mischa, the Raoul
Wallenberg Medal, precisely as a token of recognition. We deeply thank His
Excellency, President Reuven Rivlin for hosting the ceremony of bestowal of
this award.”
6 –    Kardashian
Family Goes to Trademark
with a Bakery Named Kardashian
LOS ANGELES (Bravo) – When it's time to
celebrate big life events, the Kardashian family is pretty darned
loyal to Hansen's Cakes in Los
Angeles. But 
Page Six reports that they're currently battling another,
non-famous Kardashian family, who have applied to trademark the logo of their
Kardashian Bakery and Grill in Taylor,
The bakery specializes in pizza and other doughy
And is a go-to for Armenian and Italian
According to The Blast, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian are legally opposing the
trademark — and have until February to explain why. The twist in the story is
that they may be related to the Michigan
“Technically, my husband is related to them,”
co-owner Sandra Kardachian told Page Six.
“I don’t think they’re aware of this… My husband’s father is related to their
Kardachian explained that there was "a
clerical error" when she and husband Hratch came to America from Armenia
16 years ago that resulted in their legal name here being Kardachian… but it
should really be Kardashian.
7 –    Map
of Ancient Armenia
Unveiled in
        Germany Causes
Stir in Turkish Media
COLOGNE, Germany (Ermenihaber) – A map displayed at a
community event in Germany
on October 21 caused a stir in the Turkish media sources.
An event named “Armenian History and Culture:
Silent Ararat” held in the Cologne Catholic Church by the Armenian Primacy of
Cologne featured a map of ancient Armenia with boundaries reaching as far as
the present-day Turkey’s Samsun to the north and Mersin in the south, covering
the present territory of the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The map was widely shared by Turkish news outlets and slammed by users on
social media platforms with plenty of criticism toward both the Armenian
community and accusations to German official circles for authorizing the event.

To note for reference, eastern parts of Turkey (formerly the Ottoman Empire) were part
of the historical homeland of Armenians under the name Western Armenia that
emerged following the division of Greater Armenia between the Byzantine
Empire and Sassanid Persia in 387 AD.

The area was conquered by the Ottomans in the 16th century and became known as
Turkish Armenia or Ottoman Armenia. During the 19th century, the Russian Empire
conquered all of Eastern Armenia from Iran, while the Armenian population
of the Western part was affected under the Ottoman government's systematic
extermination of 1.5 million Armenians known in the history as the Armenian

8 –    Armenian-American Prosecutor Held in
        U.S. Airport Because of Racial Profiling
SAN FRANCISCO – ( –  Armenian-American prosecutor Alex Bastian,
the deputy chief of staff at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, was
detained in a US airport when returning from a trip to Armenia and Greece as a
result of racial profiling, Bastian revealed in an article published on the New
York Times.
"After about an hour of waiting, my
interrogator came to ask me some questions," Bastian said in the feature.
"He asked me about my trip to Armenia, whether I had attempted to sneak into Turkey or Syria
during my vacation, whether I had visited any refugee camps and whether I had
joined any groups like ISIS. These are
astoundingly ignorant questions. For one thing, I am an Armenian-American whose
family escaped the Lebanese Civil War over 35 years ago. As a descendant of the
Armenian Genocide, a genocide perpetrated by Turks, there is absolutely no
logical reason I would sneak into Turkey
from Armenia (especially
since Turkey
has blockaded that border). Furthermore, as an Armenian, I am a Christian, and
as Armenians in Syria and Iraq
have experienced, meeting with jihadist groups would have led to my kidnapping
and possible beheading.
"It wasn’t until some time into my
questioning that the officer asked what I did for a living. I told him I was a
prosecutor in the San Francisco
district attorney’s office, a fact that could have been revealed with a simple
Google search. My detention ended shortly after that information came to light.
What never came to light, however, is why they detained me in the first place.
They never gave me a straight answer, and I have very few avenues for recourse.
My detention was well within the rules."
In the article, the attorney says that the
current policy of detaining people at airports based on the way they look is
not only unconstitutional, "it also fails to make us safe."
"Racial profiling fails all of us because
we all know danger comes from people who can look like anyone," he added.
"These experiences are part of why I became
a prosecutor: to find a way to be part of the solution rather than complain
about the problem. But these experiences are taxing. I can’t change my face, I
can’t change my features, nor should I have to fly overseas in a tuxedo to make
airport authorities feel more at ease."
9 –    Catholicos
Karekin II Visits AGBU Vatche
Tamar Manoukian School in Pasadena
PASADENA, CA – On October 26, Catholicos  Karekin Iwho is in California for a
pontifical visit, blessed the newly completed AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian
Performing Arts Center in Pasadena and the Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High
School.  Archbishop Hovnan Derderian,
Vatche and Tamar Manoukian, AGBU President Berge Setrakian, AGBU Central Board
members, other dignitaries and around 400 guests were in attendance.

Students from the Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School
and the AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School
offered a warm welcome to the Catholicos and guests, greeting with bread and
salt and showcasing their performing skills. In his opening remarks, Berge
Setrakian reaffirmed AGBU's support for the church. "We are proud of the
history of our organization but it is a top priority for us to back the
Armenian Church," said Setrakian.

The Pontiff praised AGBU's contribution to development of Armenian education
and schools across the diaspora and thanked Vatche and Tamar Manoukian for
their generosity and philanthropy. "A nation without education is like a
body without a mind," said the Catholicos, emphasizing the significance of
Armenian schools. "We are confident that graduates of this school will
become strong pillars of the Armenian life," he added thanking the
school's trustees and teachers.

He also presented the school with a special gift, a miniature of an Armenian

In 2009, Vatche and Tamar Manoukian made a landmark donation of $11 million to
the AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School
and Performing Arts
Center in Pasadena. The two-story Performing Arts
Center has been fully
renovated and updated with modern equipment. It has a small hall with dressing
rooms and a main auditorium that could be used for various events.

10-   Medical
Mission III to Armenia
Returns to Fresno
        By Berj Apkarian
        Honorary Armenian Republic
        Consul to Fresno
September, I had the pleasure of working alongside more than 37 multi-specialty
medical and dental professionals from Valley Children’s Healthcare, Kaiser
Permanente, and Community Medical Centers
for our third Medical Mission to Armenia.  I was especially happy that three residents
from dental, oral maxillofacial and pediatric programs also joined the
mission.  It is important to highlight
that 95 % of the medical mission team members are returning participants
serving on our medical mission tem for the past three years.
again, with the generous support of the Fresno community and three of the major
health care institutions in the Central Valley, the mission was able to secure
and transport to Armenia major medical equipment including two laparoscopic
towers, laparoscopic surgical supplies, portable EKG and ultrasound machines,
mammography printer, portable audiometers, dental implant equipment and
supplies, surgical and general supplies, and various medications. 
primary focus of this year’s mission was to provide care to Armenia’s orphans, the highest
priority in terms of need.  Another
critical task was the renovating and equipping of the maternal child operating
room of the hospital in the city of Akhouryan
which is adjacent to Gyumri,
second largest city. 
arrival, the teams quickly deployed out to the outlying regions of Armenia
which included Shirak, Ararat, Kodayk, and Armavir and immediately commenced
their vital work.
pediatric surgical team remained in Yerevan
and provided care at the local pediatric hospital.  The teams were able to provide 1,300 primary
care treatment, 220 clinical consultation and training, 100 advanced diagnostic
procedures, 15 newborn deliveries, and performed 132 surgeries.
and educational sessions were held for Armenia’s health care providers,
caregivers, and the families of developmentally disabled orphans.  In addition the team worked with UNICEF and
visited seven schools and rehabilitation facilities, interacted with the staff,
made observations and then offered recommendations.  The team successfully improved the network of
communication between local providers and our medical mission members which
will serve as a year round resource.
to the dedication of volunteer medical and dental professionals who worked long
hours each day, the goals of the mission were completed, but the work continues
and the vision to improve the health status of the country marches on.  There is much to be done and the need is so
great in that region.  Armenia remains isolated from its neighbors Turkey and Azerbaijan which only serve to
exacerbate the challenge.  Therefore, our
crucial role becomes even more important.
Fresno and
the greater San Joaquin Valley’s brand in Armenia have been enhanced through
the humanitarian efforts of this amazing group of selfless mission-driven
clinicians. Fresno’s
kindness has gone global and the medical mission team is yet another wonderful
demonstration of American diplomacy and values at its best. The bond cemented
by our team and the legions of grateful Armenians who were overwhelmed by the
support will forever is cemented.  The
experience has inspired many to emulate the work of the medical mission team
and participate as volunteers in helping their communities.
planning process for next mission has already begun.  Some of the goals include the renovation of a
surgical suite in township of Massis, procuring critical equipment for an oncology
hospital in Stepanakert so cancer patients have access to services without
traveling hours to Yerevan.  The United States is a beacon of hope
to many around the world and there is no better example of that hope in full
display then exemplified by our beloved American volunteers who represent our
community with honor.
 I could not be more proud. 
An email
from Dr. Daphne Lin, (dental resident), in a few words summarizes the impact of
the mission.
We have
made it back home safe and sound; I just wanted to express my gratitude again
for inviting me to be part of this trip. When we met the first time you told me
I would be a different person when I returned, as I woke up this morning and
reflected upon my experience, I couldn’t agree more. It was an extremely
humbling experience to be there, learning about the culture and treating the
undeserved. Thank you again for putting this trip together, none of it would be
possible without you. Have a great rest of the week and safe travel home!”
11-   AESA Nov. 11 Gala
        Banquet Will Honor
        Three Scientists
GLENDALE   – The Armenian Engineers & Scientists of
will host a Gala on November 11, 7 p.m. at the ASLA Banquet Hall, 117 S. Louise St., Glendale.
banquet will honor three Armenian scientists for their achievements.
Victor Hambartsumyan Award will be presented to Prof. Ashot Chilingarian, the
Director of  the Cosmic Ray Division at
the Yerevan Physics Institute.
The Service
Award will be presented to Areg Gharabgian, Advisor to the Minister of Nature
Protection of Armenia, and a longtime AESA member, and co-founder of Green
Co-founder and CRO of IntelinAir, Inc, Al Elsaian will be recognized as the
Person of the Year.
for the event is $100 per person, and $75 for students.
can be obtained at
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