The radio station in Gyumri is 12 years’ old (video)

The 12-year-old way which has been full of challenges and ascents. Radio Hay Gyumri radio station has been in the heart of Gyumri for 12 years, and has become the city brand. The most important achievement of Radio Hay Gyumri is trust and audience. Radio Hay Gyumri remained loyal to its adopted principles, guided by its own landmarks.

Radio Hay has a digital broadcasting license today. In the near future a number of interesting programs will be broadcast on Radio Hay Gyumri radio station. The familiar voices heard from the radio receiver will continue to be the pledge of optimistic sunrises and peaceful sunsets, ensuring high mood of Shirak residents. 106.6 will remain an integral part of the audience’s positive and full day.

Tsayg TV

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