Levon Khalikyan: In petrol stations people must be sure that they are not deceived

In Tavush regional center of Ijevan, the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the Market Surveillance Inspection Body (MSIB) held a meeting with businessmen.

It has already been the fourth region where we have organized meetings, and I emphasize once again that we are here as your partners, ready to assist you to eliminate the existing violations so that you are not fined as a result of our inspections in the future,” said Levon Khalikyan, head of the MSIB.

Heads of health care facilities were invited to the meeting, whose attention was drawn to the mandatory inspection of various medical equipment used by them. Previously, this requirement existed, and mostly everyone was aware of it. However, over the last two years, because of the liquidation of Market Supervision Inspectorate, and the inspection body formation process, the result of not carrying out inspections and keeping the issue in the center of attention was neglect of the verification. That was the reason why the respondents once again urged them to pursue the problem, for which they should apply to the appropriate bodies who would perform the examinations of the used medical equipment and would give them certificates. Failure to submit such a certificate to MSIB inspectors will result in a fine in 100-300 times of the minimum wage.

In petrol stations, besides the calibration of measuring devices, the fuel quality should be kept in focus.

“When a person recharges his car, he must be sure that he is not deceived, filling 18-18.5-19 liters instead of 20 liters. Our inspections show that there are a lot of such cases. So do the calibration and follow the fuel quality standards, clean the storage wells, otherwise accumulated sediments affect the quality of the fuel,” said Levon Khalikyan.

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