Russia has its own interests in bringing Azerbaijan to the YPC

Vardan Bostanjyan, a member of the Tsarukyan bloc, considers Azerbaijan’s possible membership in the EAEU natural. In his words, Russia is a big country, and it has had an influence on both Azerbaijan and Armenia. And, according to Vardan Bostanjyan, Azerbaijan also will be a strategic partner as it is a rich resource. “We should acknowledge that there is no such policy in the politics that I love one country more than other. There are interests, and I consider the RF’s posture and approach in this case natural,” Vardan Bostanjyan told journalists today.

The economist also touched upon the recent rise in prices in Armenia, noting that the phenomenon has both objective and subjective reasons. He states, “Oligopolistic wishes and monopolistic ambitions are prevalent in Armenia, which leads to a number of negative consequences, such as the rise in prices for goods.”According to Vardan Bostanjyan, the shadow economy is a serious problem in Armenia.

The MP also touched upon the issue of public debt, noting that it can become so dangerous for our country in the near future.

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