Giro Manoyan says Armenian President’s statement on Zurich Protocols was right


Director of the International Secretariat of the ARF Bureau positively assesses Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s statement at the UN General Assembly according to which Armenia will declare the Zurich Protocols on the Armenian-Turkish relations null and void.

Manoyan said though late this statement was right.

“I don’t think there will be a positive progress over the Protocols. And this is not due to Armenia, but due to the fact that Turkey has numerous internal and external problems and there is no issue in its agenda to establish relations with Armenia. It is not ruled out that Turkey will make fraudulent things, such as it can ratify one of the Protocols, but I think this will not be accepted by Armenia. For them the main task is to exert pressure on Armenia over the Artsakh issue. We hope no positive change in terms of the Protocols will happen so that the President will do what he said on the eve of next spring. I am convinced that he also doesn’t believe in the positive progress, so Armenia will take back its signature. We are waiting for that day”, he said.

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