‘Heated July in Nagorno Karabakh’ – political scientist Markedonov analyzes recent escalation in NK conflict

Armenpress News Agency , Armenia

'Heated July in Nagorno Karabakh' – political scientist Markedonov
analyzes recent escalation in NK conflict

YEREVAN, JULY 11, ARMENPRESS. Baku tries to change the stance of the
OSCE Minsk Group for its benefit by the use of force, political
scientist Sergey Markedonov said in the analytical article entitled
‘Heated July in Nagorno Karabakh’ published at Politcom.ru, reports

“This is Azerbaijan’s policy. Azerbaijan believes that by causing a
war alert it will lead Russia, the US, France, as well as Iran which
is in the Minsk Group to the idea that in order to prevent bloody war
and maintain regional stability it is necessary to strengthen
pressures on Armenia. It is another issue to what extent such
imaginations correspond to reality. In fact, the reality is the
opposite, there are no facts proving Azerbaijani argument, however, it
is being actively presented in information field and not only for the
domestic audience but also for the foreign one”, the political
scientist said.

Yerevan tries to highlight that the Azerbaijani side is unable to find
an agreement, moreover Azerbaijan is inclined to an approach on using
force instead of dialogue.

In what way is the July escalation reflected in the context of
previous clashes, whether it proves new developments in the Karabakh
conflict, or the opposite, it highlights the former trend? The
political scientist presents the escalations in the Artsakh-Azerbaijan
line of contact during 2017 and the political meetings during that
period. He says what we have witnessed in February, May and June was
repeated also in July. According to him, the next day after the
results of the regional visit of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs were
released, a new escalation has been recorded.

Sergey Markedonov says the Karabakh trend in July 2017 remains the
same: that is to maintain peaceful negotiation process to prevent
large-scale war.

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