Garo Paylan primary target, Levon Hovsepyan

Aravot, Armenia

Garo Paylan primary target, Levon Hovsepyan

“It is a concern that the elite of “National Democratic Party” has
already been arrested,” Turkologist Levon Hovsepyan referring to the
demand of Ministry of Justice of Turkey to strip Paylan off immunity.

Let us remind that Ministry of Justice also demanded to strip off
immunity of other members of Paylan’s party and also some members of
Republican People’s party.

Our interviewee does not exclude that the parliament of Turkey will
proceed with the demand: “Of course, it is not only against Garo
Paylan, but he is a primary target with his activities. Let us take
into consideration that his party is fragmented, and in that context,
Paylan has a bigger role.”

Pursuant to Levon Hovsepyan, suchlike politicians, and their
activities are not preferable for Turkey’s current political elite,
which is trying to neutralize them.



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