First Aurora Prize Laureate Marguerite Barankitse visits Armenian Genocide Memorial

Armenpress News Agency, Armenia
May 20, 2017 Saturday

First Aurora Prize Laureate Marguerite Barankitse visits Armenian
Genocide Memorial

YEREVAN, MAY 20, ARMENPRESS. The first Aurora Prize Laureate
Marguerite Barankitse visited the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial on May 20
to pay tribute to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims, reports

She was welcomed by Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute
Hayk Demoyan who introduced the history of the Armenian Genocide and
the creation of the Memorial Complex.

“The denial of the Armenian Genocide is a great mistake. It is very
important to have a sense of compassion, and if many say it didn’t
happen, they make a great mistake. We must call on those people to be
part of that compassion since we are one big family, children of God.
Today the fact of the Armenian Genocide must force everyone to
perceive that such events will not repeat anymore”, Barankitse said.

Marguerite Barankitse visited Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute where
a special exhibition is opened dedicated to Aurora Mardiganian, the
inspirational woman behind the Aurora Prize.

She laid flowers at the Armenian Genocide Memorial. Then the First
Aurora Prize Laureate planted a tree in the Memory Alley of
Tsitsernakaberd complex in memory of the Armenian Genocide victims.

“I have an impression that people were unable to understand that such
crimes really happened. But at the same time I want to congratulate
the Armenian people who maintained their honor and accepted to some
extent their own history, as well as had the courage to pass the
brutal page of this history for brighter times to come. This gives me
hope that tomorrow genocides will not happen anymore, this also gives
hope to my country Burundi which fights for the past, present and the
future. We must stand up, and each person must deny brotherly crimes
against each other”, Marguerite Barankitse said.

At the end of the visit she left a note in the Honorable Guest Book:
“I am deeply grateful to the proud Armenian people for the endless
courage. Yes, love will always win”.

Marguerite Barankitse, the founder of Maison Shalom and REMA hospital,
received the Aurora Prize on April 24, 2016, for the exceptional
impact of her actions on preserving lives during the years of civil
war in Burundi. To date, she has saved 30 thousand children and
offered them shelter and care.