Armenian leader decisive to solve Karabakh problem

Mediamax news agency, Yerevan, in Russian
10 Mar 04

Armenian leader decisive to solve Karabakh problem


Armenian President Robert Kocharyan said in Yerevan today that “we
shall bring the settlement of the Nagornyy Karabakh problem to an
end”, the Armenian president said at a meeting with Yerevan students,
Mediamax reports.

Kocharyan said that “at least the last 15 years of my life” have been
devoted to solving the Karabakh problem.

According to the president, at least the fact that “during my term in
office, the mediator countries put forward proposals on a solution to
the conflict, which were accepted as a basis for the talks by Armenia
and rejected by Azerbaijan” could serve as an appraisal of the
current Armenian authorities’ policy on the Karabakh issue.

“I think only this fact speaks for itself,” Robert Kocharyan said.

Canadian Diocese: Primate of Javakheti in Montreal

Diocese of the Armenian Church of Canada
Contact; Deacon Hagop Arslanian, Assistant to the Primate
615 Stuart Avenue, Outremont-Quebec H2V 3H2
Tel; 514-276-9479, Fax; 514-276-9960
Email; [email protected], Website;

Primate of Javakheti in Montreal

On Tuesday, 2 March 2004, Very Reverend Father Babgen Salbyan, Primate
of Javakheti met with the representatives of the Montreal Armenian
Community in the Diocesan Dikran Garibian Hall. Father Babgen Salbyan
talked about the current situation in Javakheti and the expectations
of the Armenian Community from both Armenia and Diaspora.

Afterwards, at St Gregory the Illuminator’s Marie Manoogian Hall, Very
Reverend Father Babgen Salbyan made a presentation on the current
situationin Javakheti, the needs and expectations of Javakheti
Armenians; discussions focused on the policy of the Georgian
government towards Javakheti and matters related to the role and
mission of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church. Donations, for a total
of $12.000 were made to Javakheti Armenians by the faithful of the
Canadian Armenian community. On this occasion, Bishop Bagrat
Galstanian, Diocesan Council members and the Clergy extend their
sincere thanks and gratitude for the donors.

The following day, Bishop Bagrat Galstanian accompanied by Very
Reverend Father Babgen Salbyan and Mr. Hagop Amirianpaid a short visit
to the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Ottawa and met with the
Ambassador, His Excellency Ara Papian and the staff of Armenian
Embassy. Discussions focused on the issues related to Javakheti
Armenian community, Armenian Apostolic Church and Motherland Armenia.

Feast of Saint Vartan and His companions in the Canadian Diocese

On Sunday February 29 2004, the feast of St Vartan the Warrior and his
companions was marked at St Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Cathedral
organized by cultural unions and political parties of the Armenian
community of Montreal. His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian presided
over the ceremony. The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by the Primate of
Javakheti, the Very Reverend Father Babgen Salpyan.

This year, the Diocesan Primate suggested that each of our church’s
feast days will be given an appropriate meaning and
content. Accordingly, St Vartanank was declared as the BLESSING DAY OF
since his first day as Primate, Serpazan has paid special attention to
the rejuvenation of the spiritual life in our Diocese.

Over 800 faithful attended the ceremony. Representatives of the unions
and parties who were escorted to the altar by the AGBU Armenian Scouts
renewed their vow to serve the Armenian people and the Armenian
Church. In his sermon, Bishop Galstanian said “Today, we are called to
serve the Armenian Church, Motherland Armenia and our beloved
people. Today my heart is full of joy witnessing the unity of our
people as it was in the Battle of Avarayr”. Serpazan thanked and
expressed his appreciation to the members of the organizing committee
and the faithful; he then introduced the Primate of Javakheti Very
Reverend Father Babgen Salpyan, who in turn thanked Bishop Bagrat for
inviting him to visit the Canadian Diocese.

Following the service, the guests attended a special cultural program
designed by the organizing committee with the participation of the
studentsof Alex Manougian Armen-Quebec School, Bolsahay Cultural
Association and Diocesan Youth Council members.

Divan of the Diocese

‘There’s daggers in men’s smiles’

The Toronto Globe and Mail

‘There’s daggers in men’s smiles’

Wednesday, March 10, 2004 – Page A21

Peter Donolo, who used to be Jean Chrétien’s director of
communications, was at a birthday party, when he came across Karl
Littler, Paul Martin’s chief organizer in Ontario.

“Karl, what are you doing here?” Mr. Donolo kibitzed, “aren’t you
supposed to be out there destroying the Liberal Party?”

Everyone laughed and Mr. Donolo, when contacted, says the two ended up
having “a very friendly, sociable chat.”

No doubt. But the incident tells a tale. The civil war between Paul
Martin and Jean Chrétien is corroding the foundations of the Liberal
Party, threatening its hopes for a majority government in the federal

We all know about Sheila Copps’s allegations of chicanery by the
Martin-dominated party machine in Hamilton East-Stoney
Creek. (Yesterday, she complained to the RCMP.) But Hamilton
East-Stoney Creek is hardly unique. In recent days, campaign workers
in ridings across the country have phoned or e-mailed with
hair-raising complaints.

Here’s one of the best examples: The new riding of Brampton-Springdale
takes in most of the old riding of Brampton Centre, held by Liberal MP
Sarkis Assadourian. He is being challenged by, among others, Andrew
Kania, a Brampton lawyer who was Ontario co-chairman of John Manley’s
aborted leadership campaign.

Mr. Kania’s forces control the riding executive, and are reportedly
well ahead in signing up members. For more than a month, the executive
has been pleading with Mr. Littler, who is the Ontario campaign
chairman, to call a nomination meeting. Not only will Mr. Littler not
call the meeting, Mr. Assadourian reportedly pleaded with Mr. Martin
last week in caucus to offer him protection from challenges in his
riding. (Mr. Assadourian’s office did not respond to a request for an

Mr. Kania is guarded with his language — he professes loyalty to the
party and the Prime Minister — but when asked whether he felt the
nomination meeting was being delayed to give Mr. Assadourian more time
to counter Mr. Kania’s challenge, he replied: “Yes, I do.” Regardless,
he says, “No matter when the meeting is called, I will win the

Mr. Littler insists there are no conspiracies; the Brampton-Springdale
nomination meeting promises to be contentious, and he is short of
staff to manage it.

Mr. Kania at least has had his application to run as a Liberal
candidate approved. In the riding of Vancouver Centre, Taleeb
Noormohamed can’t even get that far. Mr. Noormohamed is one of two
candidates challenging incumbent Hedy Fry. The other is Lynne Kennedy,
a former city councillor.

Mr. Noormohamed is young and, to be blunt about it, ethnically
correct, but he is also male and Ms. Fry and Ms. Kennedy are female,
and the party is anxious to bolster the number of women in the
House. So while Ms. Fry and Ms. Kennedy have had no difficulty in
getting their candidate applications approved, Mr. Noormohamed can’t
get the green light to save his life. He’s been interviewed (the
others haven’t), his education credentials have been questioned
(Princeton and Oxford, by the way), and the committee responsible for
vetting his application never seems to be able to meet.

“We’ve built up very strong support from a lot of people who have
never been involved in politics before, at a time when the Liberal
Party is facing challenges,” Mr. Noormohamed said in an interview. “My
concern is that if something is seen to be amiss, a lot of people are
going to get turned off, not just from politics, but from the Liberal

Mark Marissen, B.C. campaign chairman, said that the party is hoping
to have an answer soon to Mr. Noormohamed’s application.

When Mr. Martin refused to protect incumbent MPs, in the interest of
democratizing the party, he doubtless felt his overwhelming control
over riding associations and the provincial wings of the federal party
would allow him to ensure political friends were promoted and enemies
frustrated. It hasn’t worked that way. Instead, the riding fights
have turned into yet another front in the epic contest between
Mr. Martin and Mr. Chrétien, left and right, legacy and agenda.

For Liberals, the tragedy could be that the ridings are left so
weakened and divided that they fall to the opposition. The
Conservatives, for example, have high hopes for Brampton-Springdale,
and Vancouver Centre isn’t immune to challenge.

We may need to disinter Shakespeare: Only he could do justice to a
conflict so epic. Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin claw at each other
without surcease, while the sands dissolve beneath them, swallowing
both, each still clutching the other’s throat.

[email protected]

Tehran Municipality Buys War Photos

Mehr News Agency, Iran
March 8 2004

Tehran Municipality Buys War Photos

TEHRAN March 8 (Mehr News Agency) — In an unprecedented move the Art
and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality purchased the photos
taken by Iranian photographer Reza Borji at a cost of Rls2b during
the opening ceremony held on Sunday evening for his exhibition in
Paidari Cultural Center at Behesht Gallery.
About 15,000 photos, taken from the contemporary wars in Iraq,
Bosnia, Afghanistan, Karabakh, and Ghana were submitted to the head
of the cultural center Seyyed Yasser Hashtrudi.

Borji had received many bids from abroad offering higher price for
the works.

`I preferred my works to remain in my country. so I refrained from
selling them to foreigners,’ said Borji.

Borji took many outstanding photos from the Iraqi imposed war against
Iran during the years 1980-1988. He has been hospitalized owing to
injuries caused by the chemical weapons in this war.

In order to train young photographers, the organization plans to
establish a venue dubbed `Tasvir-e No Foundation’ (New Picture
Foundation) for Reza Borji.

`I hope the organization will soon establish the foundation for Borji
where he can impart his experiences to young photographers,’ said

The exhibition, which is underway at Behesht Gallery, will continue
until March 16th.

Atmosphere of mutual trust is necessary

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
March 8 2004


On March 5 the NKR minister of foreign affairs met with the director
of the Stepanakert office of the International Committee of the Red
Cross Charlotte Hardford whose term of duties in NKR has expired.
Charlotte Hardford introduced to the minister Mireille Benare who
will take up the duties of the director of the ICRC representation in
Nagorni Karabakh, and expressed hope that the cooperation between the
international mission and the Karabakh authorities will go on under
the new director. Ms. Hardford thanked the NKR government for
providing favourable working conditions and for the assistance to the
ICRC for effective implementation of its mission. The NKR minister of
foreign affairs thanked Charlotte Hardford for fruitful activities
and also expressed hope that the tradition of cooperation of the NKR
government and especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the
ICRC will have further development. Ashot Ghulian emphasized that it
will be possible to settle all the problems of the conflict parties
only if an atmosphere of mutual trust is maintained, efforts are
united and the humanitarian issues are not politicized, which greatly
hinders their solution. The participants of the meeting discussed a
number of humanitarian problems and the far-reaching programs of the
ICRC in Nagorni Karabakh concerning health care, aid to the citizens
suffered in the conflict, foundation of children’s safe playgrounds.


Sambo sportsman from Artsakh winner

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
March 8 2004


On February 22-27 the third round of the world championship of
extreme fights of the international organization “Octagon” was held
in the city Odessa. For the first time two representatives of our
republic also participated in the championship. Artem Abrahamian, 65
kg, defeated the representative of Latvia and took the first place.
Graduate of the sport association “Dinamo”, champion of sambo
(unarmed self-defence) NKR and RA Ashot Danielian, 74 kg, defeated
Azerbaijani sportsman Ghurbanov living in Odessa and won the first
prize. The sportsmen from Artsakh were awarded medals and prize
money. Artem Abrahamian and Ashot Danielian gained the right to
participate in the fourth round of the championship.


A glance at Karabakh from inside and outside

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
March 8 2004


On March 3 at the Stepanakert Press Club took place the presentation
of the web site of Sergey Ogoltsov The web
site presents the author’s opinion on the military actions,
“provincial” life in Karabakh and the journey of S. Ogoltsov from
Kiev to Stepanakert and back. Taking into account the deficit of
necessary facts and information in the web sites on Karabakh the web
site of Sergey Ogoltsov will be of use to those who are interested in


La police bernoise met hors circuit deux épaves roulantes

5 Mars 2004

La police bernoise met hors circuit deux épaves roulantes
Arménien et Biélorusse au volant

Berne (AP) La police bernoise a stoppé à fin février sur l’A8 près de
Brienz un conducteur qui circulait sans permis au volant d’une
voiture défiant les règles élémentaires de sécurité. Il s’agit d’un
requérant d’asile d’origine arménienne de 32 ans. Au volant de son
épave, il avait emprunté le tunnel du Gotthard et le col du Brünig.
Une autre voiture non conforme, conduite par un Biélorusse, a été
Hébergé dans le canton du Tessin, le requérant d’asile arménien
voulait se rendre à Interlaken, a expliqué vendredi la police
cantonale bernoise. Il circulait sans permis de conduire valable et
sans permis de circulation ni assurance responsabilité civile pour le
véhicule doté, qui plus est, de plaques minéralogiques périmées
depuis plus de neuf mois. Aucune formalité douanière n’avait été
remplie lors du passage de la voiture de France en Suisse, où
l’Arménien l’avait acquise il y a six semaines pour moins de 800
Présentant «un état général désolant», le véhicule a été mis en
sûreté par la police. Entre autres défectuosités constatées: trois
des quatre roues usées ne répondaient pas au freinage, le frein à
main ne fonctionnait pas, plusieurs pièces d’attache du châssis
étaient brisées, l’huile et le carburant fuyaient et les rétroviseurs
étaient attachés avec de la bande adhésive. Le conducteur a été
dénoncé pour diverses infractions à la loi sur la circulation
routière et pour non respect des prescriptions douanières.
La police bernoise a par ailleurs interpellé près de Thoune quatre
ressortissants biélorusses quelques heures auparavant. La voiture
était notamment dépourvue de freins excepté celui à main. Elle a
également été mise en sûreté et son conducteur dénoncé. AP

Kaiser campaign donation chided

Oakland Tribune
March 10, 2004

Kaiser campaign donation chided
By Rebecca Vesely, STAFF WRITER

Consumer advocates demanded Tuesday that Kaiser Permanente take back
a$100,000 donation to a ballot initiative campaign that aims to change
the state’s unfair business competition law.

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights is fighting the ballot
initiative on grounds that it will bar individuals and consumer groups
from suing businesses that violate consumer protection laws — including
patient protection and environmental statutes. The AARP, Sierra Club and
United Farm Workers are among other groups opposed to the initiative.

“Kaiser has invested$100,000 of our premium dollars into removing
consumer rights and accountability,” said Jerry Flanagan of the
Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.

Kathleen McKenna, spokeswoman for Kaiser Permanente, said the HMO is
supporting initiative because of a “growing concern with frivolous

Appearing in front of Kaiser Permanente’s Oakland headquarters Tuesday
was Chant Yedalian, whose mother, Zevart — a Kaiser patient — died
from breast cancer in 1998 at age 53.

Yedalian used the state’s unfair business competition law, known as
17200, in a wrongful death lawsuit against Kaiser, arguing that it
denied his mother a potentially life-saving bone marrow transplant and
then further denied his rights to challenge the HMO in a jury trial.
Kaiser requires its members to go through binding arbitration instead of

Yedalian, who lives in Los Angeles, argued that Kaiser’s binding
arbitration clause is a violation of the unfair business competition

“This was the only law available to protect people from this unfair
process,” Yedalian said.

Yedalian’s case is pending in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

McKenna said Kaiser’s campaign donation has nothing to do with its
arbitration policy.

“We’ve been using binding arbitration for 50 years,” she said.

She said Yedalian’s mother received inadequate notice about Kaiser’s
binding arbitration policy — a major reason why the case ended up in

The initiative campaign, called Stop Shakedown Lawsuits, is driven by
the California Chamber of Commerce, the California Motor Car Dealers
Association and other business groups.

So far, the campaign has collected more than 300,000 signatures to place
the measure on the Nov. 2 ballot. To qualify, at least 373,816 valid
signatures must be submitted to the secretary of state by April 16.

The campaign has raised $2.5 million, mostly from banks, insurance
companies, car dealers, pharmaceutical companies and other businesses.
Blue Cross of California donated $250,000 and PacifiCare gave $10,000.

Campaign supporters said they want to stop unscrupulous lawyers from
using 17200 to sue for made-up claims and then force a settlement.

John Sullivan, president of the Civil Justice Association of California
and a co-chairman for the campaign, said the initiative would not bar
individuals from suing companies for harm or financial injury.

In a case to get out of arbitration, Sullivan said, many other statutes
and previous court decisions could surely be used “if justice is owed.”

“When groups like this find a case that has a tragic story — as this
one undoubtedly does — that 17200 figures into, you can turn it on it’s
head and argue that you can go out to any cases and find a 17200 case
tacked onto it,” Sullivan said.

Yedalian said 17200 was his only course of action.

“The initiative would prevent people from seeking justice,” he said.
“You can’t protect other members of the public without it.”

Contact Rebecca Vesely at [email protected] .
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Intensive Elementary Western Armenian Summer Course at U.C. Berkeley

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Intensive Elementary Western Armenian at U.C. Berkeley

An eight-week intensive summer course in Western Armenian will be offered at
U.C. Berkeley from
June 21 to August 13, 2004.

A number of full and partial fellowships are available for qualified
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Deadline for financial aid: April 12, 2004.

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