Lebanese Soccer: Nejmeh defeats Homenmen in a tight game

Daily Star, Lebanon
March 12 2004

Nejmeh defeats Homenmen in a tight game

Nejmeh soccer team player, Moussa Hjeij, lead his team to victory
over Homenmen after scoring 3 goals out of 4 in the semi-final game
held at Jounieh Municipal Stadium on Tuesday.

Nejmeh soccer team player, Moussa Hjeij, lead his team to victory
over Homenmen after scoring 3 goals out of 4 in the semi-final game
held at Jounieh Municipal Stadium on Tuesday.
Despite the early goal scored by Geafar in the 8th minute of first
half, Nejmeh managed to work its way to Homenmen goals, leveling the
score by Moussa Hjeij through a penalty kick, 35 minutes into the

Nejmeh third goal followed two minutes later by Salah Haddad and was
objected by Homenmen technical team who said that Haddad was

The second half witnessed Nejmeh taking advantage of their experience
and raised the score to four goals by Hjeij through a pass from
Mcpherline in the 68th and 71st minutes before they suffer a setback
in their performance due to the changes implemented by Zizo when he
replaced Hussein Salim by Attawi who failed to push forward the game.

There Are No Special Favourites in The Tournament


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)

Yanik Palatier has arrived from far Switzerland to take part in the
international chess tournament devoted to the 75th anniversary of
Tigran Petrossian. Before coming to Karabakh he knew nothing of this
small country besides that there had been war here. The Swiss
chess-player told about his decision to read corresponding books to
get acquainted with the events that took place in Karabakh. He did not
speak about his impressions as he has not managed to see the town
yet. Only once he had the opportunity to walk in the central street of
Stepanakert. He said it still can be felt that there was war here. He
mentioned that the first impression was good, the tournament is
organized on a high level, the hotel conditions are good, and he
pointed out the warm and friendly atmosphere. The Swiss young man has
been to Yerevan for several times and has many friends
there. According to him, the Armenians are very warm, proud and
hospitable. In reference to the chess tournament held in Stepanakert
for the first time, he appreciated the level of organization. He
mentioned that there areno special favourites, and according to him
the competition will be hard. He mentioned that he was not acquainted
with all the participants of the tournament. He did not know Tigran
Petrossian and Arman Pashikian but following their games he mentioned
that the games of the both were very interesting. The young
chess-player representing Switzerland has 0.5 point after two rounds.


New Director of ICRC Office


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)

On March 11 NKR president Arkady Ghukassian met with the director of
the office of the Red Cross in Stepanakert Charlotte Hardford whose
term of duties in Nagorni Karabakh has completed. Ms. Hardford
introduced to the president the new director of the ICRC office in
Stepanakert Mireille Benard. She thankedthe government of the republic
for assistance to the humanitarian activities of the ICRC in
NKR. Speaking about the main directions of activity of the Karabakh
office of ICRC in 2003 Ms. Hardford told that the office will pursue
implementation of humanitarian programs in Nagorni Karabakh. In the
future they will deal with the problem of the missing soldiers, will
visit prisoners, find out their state of health, the conditions they
are kept in. Touching upon programs in the sphere of health care the
ICRC representative mentioned that the mission assists to the
reconstruction of 68 surgeries in different regions of Nagorni
Karabakh and helps to provide them with necessary equipment. According
to her, the ICRC mission also deals with providing them with
medication. In his turn, Arkady Ghukassian highly appreciated the
importance of the activitiesof the ICRC in Nagorni Karabakh, which was
the first among the international organizations to aid NKR. At the
same time the president emphasized the importance of further
activities of the ICRC mission in Nagorni Karabakh.


International Working Group Disbanded


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)

>From now on together with the state committee the Center of Civil
Undertakings will deal with the search for missing soldiers and
hostages, as well as work with their families in Karabakh. In the
current year the center organized computer courses for the children of
the missing soldiers and former hostages. The Karabakh
non-governmental organization Center of Civil Undertakings conducts
monitoring of prisons of the republic. According to the director of
the center Albert Voskanian, certain novelties were introduced in this
sphere of the republic. For example, according to the international
standards the wooden blinds of the windows of the dormitories of the
Department of Administration of Criminal Punishment (the former prison
of Shoushi) attached to the NKR Police were dismantled since February
1 of the current year. In autumn of 2003 the parliament of Karabakh
adopted the law about elimination of the capital punishment.
According to the DACP staff, at the beginning of the current year the
sentence of the last of the 15 convicts sentenced to capital
punishment was changed by 15 years imprisonment. According to
A. Voskanian, the Center of Civil Undertakings continues to support
the undertaking of passing the NKR prisons from the Police under the
authority of the Ministry of Justice.


NATO-sponsored border security course held in Azerbaijan

NATO-sponsored border security course held in Azerbaijan

Trend news agency
15 Mar 04


Trend correspondent R. Abbasov: NATO participation in a settlement of
the Nagornyy Karabakh conflict is in the interests of Azerbaijan,
Maj-Gen Omer Bayrakli, the military attache of the Turkish embassy in
Azerbaijan, said at a ceremony to open “Border Security Control
Course” in Baku on 15 March. The course was organized by the Turkish
Defence Ministry.

Despite the fact that Azerbaijan officially made no appeal for NATO
membership, it is intensively developing its relations with the
North-Atlantic Alliance, he said. “Among the CIS states, Azerbaijan is
a country which closely cooperates with NATO. Ex-president Heydar
Aliyev repeatedly said that NATO should be involved in solving
conflicts in the Caucasus,” Bayrakli said.

The head of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry department for
inspections, Mammad Beydullayev, said that the course is being held
from 15 to 19 March at the ministry’s training centre. Along with
military servicemen, representatives of the Foreign, National
Security, Interior Ministries, the State Customs Service and other
bodies will attend the course.

A lecturer and colonel of the Turkish army, Tuqay Bakkal, said that
the main goal of the course was to familiarize the Azerbaijani armed
forces with methods of preventing illegal border incursions, the
trafficking of drugs, weapons, human organs and so on. He noted that
the training was being conducted by the study centre of the
Partnership for Peace programme of the Turkish armed forces.

Up to now, 1,100 people have attended this course, including 320
Azerbaijani servicemen. Azerbaijan ranks second among 51 countries in
terms of the number of its participants. The course will also be held
in Ukraine, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Tajikistan and Moldova.

If There Weren’t For Petrossian


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)

Young chess-player from Armenia, international master Tigran
Petrossian is also among the participants of the international chess
tournament devoted to the 75th anniversary of Tigran Petrossian, the
ninth champion of the world. The father of the young chess player was
a big fan of chess and deliberately named his son after Tigran
Petrossian so that he become a chess-player. Tigran has played chess
for 15 years, since he was five. Now he is a third year student at the
Yerevan Institute of Physical Training. “I have devoted my life to
chess and as I have already achieved certain success, the way I chose
has meaning,” says Tigran Petrossian. In reference to the tournament
the young chess-player says, “The participants are very strong, the
leading grand masters of the world are playing, almost all the grand
masters of Armenia are present. I cannot recall a similar tournament
in the past years in Armenia. The tournament is organized on a high
level. All of us realize that nowadays it is not easy to organize such
a tournament, especially if foreign chess-players are invited, which
also requires considerable financial means. I would like to mention
that the presence of the former champion of the world Boris Spassky is
a great honour for all of us.” Following all the games, we tried to
find out the reason why Tigran Petrossian lost in the second round. In
the game with the representative of Latvia grand master Yevgeny
Sveshnikov Tigran had a favourable position.In reference to this game
the young chess-player mentioned that he hurried with one move which
unfortunately resulted in losing the game. Unfortunately because
during the whole game he improved his position and besides Sveshnikov
had a problem with time. “I hope this defeat will not have a negative
effect on my further games. In such cases I try to get my mind off the
previous game otherwise I will not be able to continue the struggle.”


EU offers Armenia 100 million euros to shut down nuclear plant

Agence France Presse
March 15, 2004 Monday

EU offers Armenia 100 million euros to shut down nuclear plant


The European Union renewed pleas to Armenia Monday to close a nuclear
power station in an earthquake-prone zone, saying it would provide
100 million euros (122 million dollars) in compensatory aid.

The Soviet-built Metzamor plant, 30 kilometres (18 miles) west of the
Armenian capital Yerevan, supplies 40 percent of the energy in the
former Soviet republic.

It was commissioned in 1980 but closed temporarily because of an
earthquake in 1988.

“Safety is very important to us,” said Torben Holtze, head of the
European Commission delegation here.

“The EU will give Armenia 100 million euros to create alternative
energy production when Armenia sets a date for the closure of the
power plant,” he told journalists.

But Armenian Finance Minister Vardan Khachatrian said his country
would need a billion dollars to compensate for losses if the nuclear
plant closes.

The question of closure was “a very painful question for us,” he
said. “We will not close the plant until we have alternative energy

He said construction of a gas pipeline between Iran and Armenia set
to begin this year would speed moves towards alternative energy.

The nuclear plant was closed down temporarily in 1988 because of an
earthquake at Spitak, but resumed operating in 1995 in order to help
stave off a national energy crisis.

The EU signed an accord with Armenia on closing the plant this year
but Armenia has failed to meet this deadline.

Officials here say the plant is capable of operating until 2018.

Gaguik Markossian, the plant’s director, said in December that
international credits and aid had allowed Armenia to make many safety
improvements at the plant, which includes two 440-megawatt reactors,
only one of which is in operation.

With electricity supplies reduced to three or four hours a day and
industry in crisis, one of the reactors was restarted in 1995. Since
then about 35 million dollars (28 million euros) have been spent on
various safety improvements.

The Institute for Applied Ecology in Austria says the Armenian plant,
along with similar units in Bulgaria, is among the most dangerous in

Charles Aznavour fait son entrée à Grévin

Edicom, Swiss
15 Mars 2004

Charles Aznavour fait son entrée à Grévin

PARIS (AP) – «Je m’voyais déjà en haut de l’affiche»: cette célèbre
ritournelle de Charles Aznavour a une fois de plus été plus vraie que
jamais lundi soir, où le chanteur, compositeur, acteur et scénariste
a intronisé son double de cire au Musée Grévin.
»Charles, je te dis merci pour tout ce que tu nous as apporté, mais
surtout pour tout ce que tu va nous apporter», a rappelé Eve
Ruggieri, membre de l’Académie Grévin, au nom de Bernard Pivot,
absent. Elle a rappelé la carrière aux débuts difficiles de Charles
Aznavour à qui Edith Piaf, rencontrée en 1946, conseilla de partir en
Amérique avant qu’il ne soit enfin reconnu en France.
Eve Ruggieri a aussi souligné l’action humanitaire continue de
Charles Aznavour pour son pays, notamment son rôle d’ambassadeur
permanent de l’Arménie en France. «Mon grand-père fut aussi le
cuisinier du gouverneur géorgien d’Arménie», a précisé Charles
Mimie Mathy, dernière impétrante, a selon la coutume intronisé
Charles Aznavour en récitant sur scène une courte allocution qui
reprenait des vers écrits ou chantés par Charles Aznavour au cours de
sa carrière aux 750 chansons.
Charles Aznavour a alors découvert son double de cire revêtu d’un
complet gris, assis dans un siège de théâtre. «Il est beau, enfin
nous sommes beaux. Je me demande s’il sait chanter. Mais je le trouve
d’une tristesse, moi qui aime tellement rire», a-t-il plaisanté,
s’adressant au sculpteur, Eric de Saint Chaffrais.
»Il est peut-être triste, mais c’est l’émotion que nous avons voulu
reproduire», a expliqué le sculpteur sous une salve
Son personnage figurera dans la scénographie du théâtre à
l’italienne, à deux pas de Gérard Depardieu, Alain Delon et Bernard
Plus vert que jamais, Charles Aznavour a récemment a publié, en plus
de ses mémoires, «Le temps des avants» (Ed. Flammarion), et son
dernier album «Je voyage» (Capitol/Emi Music France) en décembre
dernier, sur lequel figure un duo -éponyme-, avec sa fille Katia.
Quoi de plus normal, «je suis né d’un père chanteur et d’une mère
actrice», aime-t-il rappeler, autant que ses origines arméniennes.
Côté télévision, Charles Aznavour a récemment tourné à Bucarest
(Hongrie) dans une adaptation pour France-2 de roman de Balzac «Le
Père Goriot» dont il tient le rôle titre. Le téléfilm est mis en
scène par Jean-Daniel Veraeghe et Aznavour y joue aux côtés de
Marushka Detmers et Tcheky Karyo.
Enfin, Charles Aznavour fera son grand retour en chansons au Palais
des Congrès à partir du 16 avril, là même où il fêtera ses 80 ans, le
22 mai, soit le soir de la dernière. Mais sans doute pas de la
dernière émotion. AP


Assadourian Nomination Committee Sucessful event held in Brampton

Office of Sarkis Assadourian M.P.
120 Confederation
House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada
Contact: Daniel Kennedy
Tel: 613 995 4843

Press Release

For Immediate Release Ottawa March 15, 2004

M.P. Sarkis Assadourian Holds Fundraiser
For New Riding of Brampton Springdale

The Sarkis Assadourian Nomination Committee held a successful
fundraising event Sunday March 14th at the Minar Indian Restaurant,
Dixie Orenda Plaza for M.P. Sarkis Assadourian (Brampton Centre,
Lib.): Chairman of the Citizenship and Immigration Committee and
Candidate For Nomination in the new riding of Brampton Springdale.

Assadourian was welcomed by over 100 guests (at $150 per person) and
in turn welcomed special Guest at the event The Honourable Joe Volpe,
P.C., M.P. Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and
Political Minister for Ontario.

Following his introduction by Mrs. Tonk, the M.P. thanked the Minister
for visiting the new riding of Brampton-Springdale to meet with
Assadourian’s campaign team. Assadourian thanked the Minister for his
generous support of the Member’s candidacy and invited him to address
the guests.

The Minister spoke on the importance of human resources to the
development of the Canadian economy and stressed the need for a
re-thinking on the recognition of foreign professional credentials to
allow for skilled Immigrants to Canada to contribute fully to Canada’s

Minister Volpe congratulated Assadourian on his work over the past ten
years as a Member of Parliament and emphasized his successful career
being appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of
Citizenship and Immigration and most recently being elected as Chair
of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

The Minister stressed the fact that Assadourian has focused his
energies on representing the needs of his constituents in Parliament
and has been an important and valued member of the Paul Martin
team. Volpe urged the volunteers to continue to work to ensure that a
Liberal majority government is achieved by building on the strength,
success and experience of the sitting Member.

Also present at the function were Wajid Khan, Liberal Candidate for
Streetsville-Mississauga, Navdeep Bains, Candidate for Nomination,
Brampton South Mississagua and Paul Dahliwal Candidate for Nomination,

Commenting on the successful event Assadourian said:
“I am overwhelmed by the enormous support that I have received from
residents of Brampton- Springdale. I am confident that with continued
co-operation and the positive engagement of the citizens of Brampton-
Springdale that we will see that this new riding is firmly positioned
to be part of a new Liberal government under the leadership of Prime
Minister Paul Martin.”

The event was concluded by the uplifting remarks of Bob Mand thanking
the Minister for his kind words and expressing the desire of the
campaign team to see Minister Volpe return to Brampton -Springdale to
assist the team in building a winning campaign for the new riding.


For further information contact: Daniel Kennedy 613-995-4843

April 24 Observance in Detroit

April 24 Observance in Detroit

By Mitch Kehetian
March 14, 2004

DETROIT – In observing the 89th anniversary of the Armenian genocide,
Detroit’s Armenian community will hear two powerful voices on Sunday,
April 25 that will address Turkey’s continuing denial of the 1915
genocide of 1.5 million Armenians. Speaking to the community about
the human carnage that struck the Armenian people on April 24, 1915
will be Ken Kachikian, chairman of the Armenian National Committee of
America, and Arman Kirakossian, the Armenian ambassador to the United

This year’s observance of the 1915 genocide brings together a wide
range of civic, educational and patriotic Armenian organizations in
Greater Detroit, and to the coordinating committee’s leadership, the
scheduling of two motivating speakers to address the 89 years of
denial and injustice that still cloaks the Turkish-occupied lands of
historical Armenia.

In planning the 2 p.m. rally for justice at St. John’s Armenian Church
Cultural Hall in suburban Southfield, members of the Detroit United
Committee for the Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, have also
scheduled a book signing by Ambassador Kirakossian, a noted scholar
and author, at 6 p.m. at Borders Book Store in Birmingham, on Woodward
between 14 and 15 Mile roads. An afterglow will follow the
ambassador’s book signing at the Hagopian World of Rugs Showroom, at
850 S. Old Woodward, Birmingham, made available by Edgar Hagopian, a
recognized activist for the Armenian cause within the forum of the
American political scene in Michigan.

Edmond Azadian, speaking for the sponoring groups of the ambassador’s
book signing, said Kirakossian will discuss his recently completed
book “The Armenian Massacres, 1894-1896, U.S. Media Testimony.”
released in February by Wayne State University Press. Kirakossian’s
book chronicles America’s public outrage against the atrocities, and
the coining of that chilling nightmare as “The Armenian Question,” a
sinister Turkish plan that was the prelude to the Ottoman Turkish
government’s heinous plan of genocide it carried out against Armenians
in the districts of now depopulated western Armenia.

The book signing at the Borders Book Store, sponsored by Wayne State
University, the Armenian Democratic Liberal League and the Tekeyan
Cultural Association, is open to the Armenian community.

In a foreword by U.S. Senator Bob Dole, the distinguished American
statesman said Kirakossian’s book is a collection of articles that
compile a “chilling picture of a ruthless, inhumane campaign to
exterminate many thousands of Armenians and drive the remainder from
their ancestral lands,” while clearly defining it, and the subsequent
carnage of 1915 as “the Armenian genocide.”

Paul Kulhanjian, a retired Detroit public school principal, said
Kachikian will focus his message on the Armenian genocide, and its
contemporary relevance within the framework of national and
international implications..

“Detroit is honored to have two distinguished Armenian speakers
address our community on a day dedicated to mark 89 years of
injustice, and how we can effectively stake our claim for justice
before a court of world opinion,” said Kulhanjian, a spokesman for the
April 25 justice rally and the ambassador’s book signing in Detroit.