The Self-Defense Reaction of Authorities

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While the political situation in Armenia is discussed in PACE session,
the arrests and detentions continue here.

“Republic” Party informed that 19 people from various cities were
taken to Police after the rally yesterday. 10 of them are said to be
from Charentcavan and 5 from Artashat.

Under the information we possess there are 10 women among Charentcavan
residents and a criminal case will be instituted against all of them.

“Justice” Bloc says there are many arrested though there isn’t yet
information about them.

UNESCO Dir-Gen. attends charity concert for Armenian children

Flash Info n° 064 – 2004
Office of the Spokeswoman/ La Porte Parole
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Paris, 26 April 2004

UNESCO Director-General attends charity concert in support of Armenian children
At the invitation of Mr Nalbandyan, Ambassador of Armenia to France, the
Director-General of UNESCO, Mr Koichiro Matsuura, together with Mr Robert
Kocharian, President of Armenia, attended yesterday a charity concert given
by the well-known singer Charles Aznavour, who is also Permanent Delegate
of Armenia to UNESCO. The proceeds of the concert will be used for various
programmes in support of Armenian children.

During the official dinner hosted by the singer after the concert, Mr
Matsuura discussed with President Kocharian developments since his official
visit to Armenia in November 2001, organized on the occasion of the 1700th
anniversary of the adoption of Christianity as the State religion of
Armenia and the opening of a donors’ conference `Regeneration through

Mr Matsuura’s discussions with President Kocharian yesterday touched upon
ways of further enhancing the cooperation between Armenia and UNESCO. It
was the Director-General’s third meeting with the President of Armenia,
following their participation in the festivities of the 300th anniversary
of St. Petersburg in May 2003.

Council Of Europe Anti-Torture Committee Visits Armenia

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A delegation of the Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of
Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT)
recently carried out a three-day visit to Armenia. The main purpose of
the visit, which began on 20 April 2004, was to collect information
concerning the treatment of persons deprived of their liberty in the
course of or following the recent demonstrations in Yerevan.

The delegation interviewed numerous persons who had been deprived of
their liberty in connection with the above-mentioned demonstrations.
Most of these persons had been released by the time they were
interviewed. The others were interviewed by the delegation at Kentron
penitentiary establishment and at Temporary detention centre of the
Yerevan Department of Internal Affairs. The CPT’s delegation consisted
of Eric Svanidze, a Georgian lawyer, Marija Definis Gojanovic, a
Croatian forensic doctor, and Borys Wodz of the Committee’s

In the course of its visit, the CPT’s delegation held discussions with
Davit Harutyunyan, Minister of Justice, Hayk A. Harutyunyan, Head of
the Armenian Police, and Aghvan Hovsepyan, General Prosecutor.

Armenian, Azeri leaders discuss Karabakh in Warsaw

Armenian, Azeri leaders discuss Karabakh in Warsaw

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
28 Apr 04

[Presenter] A second meeting between [Armenian President] Robert
Kocharyan and [Azerbaijani President] Ilham Aliyev is under way within
the framework of the European economic summit in Warsaw at the
moment. The Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents discussed the Karabakh
conflict with the co-chairmen of the OSCE Minsk Group in
attendance. Then the leaders held a face-to-face meeting.

[Correspondent over telephone] Presidents Robert Kocharyan and Ilham
Aliyev have met in Warsaw with the mediation of the OSCE Minks Group
co-chairmen within the framework of the European economic summit. The
first meeting was held last December in Geneva. This is a one-to-one
meeting between the presidents, which, as President Kocharyan
announced in Paris, can be decisive in continuing discussions on the
Karabakh conflict settlement. At present, Robert Kocharyan and Ilham
Aliyev are continuing the talks they started an hour ago.

The newly-appointed Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov
noted in an interview with “Aylur” [news programme] that they expect a
lot from the presidents’ meeting. Mammadyarov said that a certain
foundation had already been laid for the negotiations on the basis of
which the peaceful settlement of the conflict will be
continued. Mammadyarov did not confirm whether the Azerbaijani side
wants to start the negotiations from scratch, but to according to
official Baku, it is necessary to discuss ways of getting the
situation out of deadlock as soon as possible.

The Armenian and Azerbaijani journalists, who are covering the meeting
between the two countries’ leaders, said that the presidents will
present details after the negotiations.

Russian Duma deputy speaker Zhirinovskiy condemns Armenian genocide

Russian Duma deputy speaker Zhirinovskiy condemns Armenian genocide

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan,
27 Apr 04

[Presenter] Deputy speaker of the lower house of the Russian
parliament, the State Duma, Vladimir Zhirinovskiy announced that
history is moving towards the international recognition of the
Armenian genocide. The deputy speaker of the State Duma said that
Turkey not only must recognize the Ottoman’s crime but also to
apologize before the Armenian people and to compensate for the killing
and loss of more than a million Armenians.

[Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, captioned, in Russian with Armenian voice
over] This was the first severe lesson for all the world. After 10
years we shall mark the 100th anniversary of this bloody events. Many
parliaments have already adopted the laws and condemned the Armenian
genocide. Our State Duma also has already adopted this and we are
always with Armenia.

I am sure that the time will come when all the parliaments of the
world, also the UN, NATO, the European Parliament will recognize this
barbaric act committed by the Turkish government against the Armenian
people. Germany is paying about 3bn dollars annually to the
Jews. Turkey’s turn will also come to pay for the killing of more than
million of Armenians and their loss. The world will condemn Turkey’s
action, will recognize it as a genocide and demand Turkey to pay
compensation to Armenia, which lost more than a million people in the
1915 genocide.

BAKU: OSCE MG co-chairmen attend Azeri-Armenian summit in Warsaw

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen attend Azeri-Armenian summit in Warsaw

ANS TV, Baku
28 Apr 04

[Presenter] President Ilham Aliyev spoke at the European Economic
Summit in Warsaw today [28 April]. His speech was devoted to the
regional economic projects and security issues in the South
Caucasus. Aliyev also spoke of the Nagornyy Karabakh
problem. Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents met today at 1300 Baku
time [0800 gmt]. More details to follow from ANS TV’s special
correspondent Qanira Pasayeva.

[Correspondent Pasayeva over a still of her photo] Aliyev delivered a
speech at the European Economic Summit about implementation of the
energy projects [in the region]. He is the main speaker on this topic.

He imparted information on Azerbaijan’s economic development. He said
that an attractive climate has been created in Azerbaijan for foreign
investment and such investments are increasing year after year. He
briefed the audience on Azerbaijan’s economic indicators.

The large economic projects under way in the region were the main
topic. Aliyev said that Azerbaijan is implementing projects which are
crucial for the entire region.

Aliyev also touched on the Nagornyy Karabakh conflict. He said that
the regional conflicts, including the one in Nagornyy Karabakh, posed
a threat to such large economic projects. Armenia’s intransigent
stance and its unwillingness to withdraw from the Azerbaijani lands it
has occupied affects the general economic development of the South

Following the speech, Aliyev met Armenian President Robert Kocharyan.
Interestingly and contrary to the protocol, the co-chairmen of the
OSCE Minsk Group attended the first part of the meeting.

Now, Aliyev and Kocharyan are having a tete-a-tete meeting. We asked a
question before the meeting whether there were a new proposal [to
settle the conflict] was being discussed. The co-chairmen said that
there would be a discussion of ideas.

Next, the three South Caucasus leaders – Aliyev, Kocharyan and
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili – will have a small lunch to
discuss the situation in the Caucasus.

There was a change in the protocol: instead of having separate
meetings with the presidents, the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen
attended the meeting between Aliyev and Kocharyan.

Armenia’s controversial law on rallies passes its third reading

Armenia’s controversial law on rallies passes its third reading

Mediamax news agency
28 Apr 04


The Armenian National Assembly adopted the bill “On the procedure of
staging meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations” in its third
final reading today. Armenian Minister of Justice David Arutyunyan
said earlier this week that the government had taken into
consideration the overwhelming majority of proposals received form
international organizations after having adopted the bill in its first

In particular, the minister noted, about 90 per cent of the notes made
by the OSCE office in Yerevan were taken into account. On 22 April,
the special representative of the secretary-general of the Council of
Europe in Armenia, Natalya Vutova, said that the bill “On the
procedure of staging meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations”
did not correspond to the 11th article of the European convention on
the right to hold meetings. Vutova said this referring to the
preliminary conclusion by experts of the Venice Commission of the
Council of Europe.

Hid in oven

Hid in oven

The Guardian – United Kingdom
Apr 28, 2004

So far the new border controls at Terespol and elsewhere appear to
work. Maj Woloch says there has been no “dramatic increase” in the
number of illegal immigrants trying to enter Poland. There have,
though, been some extraordinary attempts.

“The weirdest case we ever came across was that of an Armenian who
managed to hide in the oven of a passenger train,” says Maj
Woloch. “It was summer, so fortunately the oven wasn’t lit.”

Some immigrants don’t make it, he adds. A fisherman trying to catch
pike and bream in the Bug recently found a body instead.

The border authorities recognise that Poland will not be a point of
entry just for locals from down the road but also for thousands of
people from further east – from Vietnam, China, India and Afghanistan,
and Kurds from the north of Iraq.

Last year a customs dog discovered four Chinese immigrants in a goods
train, hidden by glass, according to Maj Woloch. Many of these
would-be immigrants pay thousands of dollars to criminal gangs.

“There are international groups that are trying to get people from
Russia into the EU. It is very profitable,” he says.

In 2003 the border guards turned back 10,314 people attempting to
enter Poland via Terespol. They also arrested 384 people already in
Poland, many of them prostitutes, who were trying to work illegally.

But with wages in Poland five or six times higher than in Belarus, it
seems inevitable that workers from the east will try to enter both
legally and illegally, while many Poles will head west.

So long as there is inequality, Maj Woloch and his men will have a
tough job on their hands.

Twenty Features Set for Cannes 2004 Director’s Fortnight

Twenty Features Set for Cannes 2004 Director’s Fortnight
by Eugene Hernandez
April 28, 2004

The lineup for the Quinzaine des Realisateurs, also known as the
Director’s Fortnight, was unveiled in France today by new artistic
director Olivier Pere. The sidebar will run May 13-23 in Cannes. Among the
list of 20 feature films are four from the United States and an array of
pictures from around the world. (The complete list is available below.)

Katsuhito Ishii’s “The Taste of Tea” will open the section and Andres
Wood’s “Machuca” will close the sidebar.

The U.S. contingent includes Asia Argento’s “The Heart is Deceitful…
Above All Things,” adapted from JT Leroy’s novel and starring Winona
Ryder, Peter Fonda, and the filmmaker. The three other entries screened at
Sundance earlier this year, including Jonathan Caouette’s “Tarnation,”
which was recently acquired by Wellspring, Jacob Aaron Estes’ “Mean Creek”
which was nabbed post-Sundance by Paramount Classics, and Nicole Kassell’s
“The Woodsman,” which Newmarket acquired.


Feature Films

” vot’ bon coeur,” directed by Paul Vecchiali

“Ano Tonneru,” directed by Manda Kunitoshi

“Babae sa Breakwater,” directed by Mario O’Hara

“En attendant le dluge,” directed by Damien Odoul

“Gavkhouni,” directed by Behrouz Afkhami

“Je suis un assassin,” directed by Thomas Vincent

“Khab Talkh,” directed by Mohsen Amiryoussefi

“L’Odore del sangue,” directed by Mario Martone

“La Blessure,” directed by Nicolas Klotz

“Los Muertos,” directed by Lisandro Alonso

“Maarek Hob,” directed by Danielle Arbid

“Machuca,” directed by Andres Wood

“Mean Creek,” directed by Jacob Aaron Estes

“Mur,” directed by Simone Bitton

“Oh, Uomo,” directed by Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi

“Tarnation,” directed by Jonathan Caouette

“The Heart is Deceitful… Above All Things,” directed by Asia Argento

“The Taste of Tea,” directed by Katsuhito Ishii

“The Woodsman,” directed by Nicole Kassell

“Vnus et Fleur,” directed by Emmanuel Mouret

Short Films


“Capitaine Achab,” directed by Phillipe Ramos

“La Peur, petit chasseur,” directed by Laurent Achard

“Le Dieu Saturne,” directed by Jean-Charles Fitoussi

“Tristesse beau visage,” directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac


“A Feather Stare At The Dark,” directed by Naoyuki Tsuji

“Frontier,” directed by Jun Miy Azaki

“Odya,” directed by Edgar Bartenev

“Vostok 1′,” directed by Jan Andersen


“Charlotte,” directed by Ulrike Von Ribbeck

“Fill In The Blanks,” directed by Kim Youn-Sung

“La Petite Chambre,” directed by Elodie Monlibert

“Le Droit Chemin,” directed by Mathias Gokalp

Armenian premier urges opposition to back off from referendum demand

Armenian premier urges opposition to back off from referendum demand

Interfax news agency, Moscow
28 Apr 04


Armenian Prime Minister Andranik Markaryan, who leads the Republican
Party, has called on the opposition to withdraw its request to conduct
a referendum on a vote of confidence [in the president] from the list
of its demands.

“If this request is removed from its list of demands, the parties in
power are ready to continue negotiations with the opposition,”
Markaryan told journalists in the parliament.