CIS states study possibility of joining efforts on air defense

CIS states study possibility of joining efforts on air defense

Associated Press Worldstream
May 21, 2004 Friday

YEREVAN, Armenia — Twelve former Soviet republics are studying the
possibility of creating a united system of air defense to protect
the region, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said Friday.

“This is a vital system, and it has proved so in exercises held
recently,” Ivanov said in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, which hosted
a meeting of defense ministers from the Commonwealth of Independent

He gave no further details.

The CIS, comprised of 12 former Soviet republics, was set up after
the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union to encourage cooperation between
the countries. However, those efforts have largely been hamstrung by
regional squabbles and fears of Russian domination.

Ivanov said that the ministers also discussed ways to expand military
technological cooperation and upcoming military exercises. In August,
the CIS militaries are planning exercises in the Central Asian nations
of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Ivanov said.

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Mr. And Mrs. Walter And Laurel Karabian
Donate Valuable Artifacts
To The Western Diocese

We are pleased to announce to the faithful of the Western
Diocese that Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Laurel Karabian have donated the
following precious manuscripts and miniature artifacts to the newly
established Diocesan Museum.

– Four Miniatures from a Gospel Book on Paper (Possibly Crimea,
17th Century)
The Presentation in the Temple with Simeon holding the Christ Child with
Mary and Joseph; the Raising of Lazarus; the Transfiguration; St. Luke
in his study writing the Gospel

– Four Full-Page Miniatures from an Armenian Gospel Book on
Paper, By the Artist Toros Sarkaway, ^ÓThe Deacon^Ô (Tabriz, 1311)
Two leaves, each with full page miniatures, includes self portrait and
signature of Artist.

– Four Gospels, in Armenian, Written by the Scribe Georg
(Istanbul, 1376)
Decorated manuscript on paper, 271 leaves

– Psalter, in Armenian, Manuscript on Vellum (Armenia, ca. 1453)
Contains fragments of the Gospel of St. john, from the 17th or 18th

– Four Gospels, in Armenian, Written by the scribe Boghos

– Four Gospels, in Armenian, Written by the scribe Mkrtich
(Armenia, 17th Century)

– Four Gospels, in Armenian, Manuscript on Paper (Caesarea, ca.

– Encyclical from the Catholicos Epremlst Jorageyc I to Sir
Robert Porter (Constantinople, April 15, 1820)
Letter with decorative border in silver and gold ink, with the personal
seal of the Catholicos in the middle.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and
gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Karabian for their generous donation of the
precious items to the newly established Diocesan Museum.

Adrienne Krikorian, Esq. represents
Western Diocese at
Eastern Diocesan Assembly

Diocesan Council member Adrienne Krikorian, Esq. recently represented
the Western Diocese at the 102nd Assembly of the Delegates of the
Eastern Diocese, sponsored by St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian
Church in White Plains, New York. Ms. Krikorian was warmly received as
a guest of the Eastern Diocese by His Eminence Khajag Barsamian and the
delegates of the Assembly.

On Friday, April 30, 2004 Ms. Krikorian participated in educational
roundtable discussions with the clergy and delegates on the theme topic
of Stewardship. The discussions proved informative and useful as the
Western Diocese has recently reorganized its Stewardship program and is
preparing to embark on a campaign of Stewardship in the coming year.

On Friday evening Ms. Krikorian attended a delicious buffet mezza/dinner
and a delightfully entertaining program sponsored by St. Gregory the
Illuminator Church in White Plains. Performances by talented Armenians
entertained guests well into the evening, and were followed by a dessert
buffet prepared by the parishioners.

Ms. Krikorian delivered greetings to the Assembly on Saturday May 1 from
His Eminence Hovnan Derderian. She spoke to the delegates about the
Western Diocese’s year of growth and reorganization following the
election of His Eminence. She congratulated the 102nd Assembly on the
purchase of its new Ararat Youth and Retreat Center, and encouraged the
delegates to support the budding leadership of Armenian youth, who she
stated are the future of the Church.

Ms. Krikorian attended sessions of meetings of the Assembly and the
Women’s Guild. The common goals and missions of the two Dioceses gave
Ms. Krikorian an opportunity to share ideas with leaders of the Eastern
Diocese, and to bring back similar input for the Western Diocese
Diocesan Council.

A gala banquet ended the Assembly on Saturday evening, including
entertainment by the Shushi Dancers of St. Vartan Cathedral, and the
presentation of awards to Rabbi Arthur Scheier and Armenian author
Vartan Gregorian.

Ms. Krikorian attended Badarak on Sunday at St. Gregory the Enlightener
before returning to Los Angeles. On behalf of the Western Diocese Ms.
Krikorian extended her thanks and gratitude to his Eminence, the
delegates of the 102nd Assembly of the Eastern Diocese, and the
parishioners of St. Gregory the Illuminator for their warm reception.


May 22, 2004
Burbank, California

BAKU: French President Hails Azeri Leader’s Decree Pardoning Prisone


ANS TV, Baku
22 May 04

French President Jacques Chirac has sent a letter to his Azerbaijan
counterpart Ilham Aliyev, welcoming the pardoning decree signed on
10 May and praising Azerbaijan’s integration into Europe. Praising
Ilham Aliyev’s move, the French president said that France is always
ready to assist the country in continuing this policy and developing
a plural society. (Indistinct sentence)

You are paying great attention to integration into the European
Union. I witnessed this once again during your visit to Brussels,
end quote.

The letter also says that this integration will further strengthen as
a result of progress on settling the Nagornyy Karabakh problem. The
resumption of the dialogue between you and the Armenian president
under the aegis of the OSCE Minsk Group, as well as between the two
countries’ foreign ministers is a hopeful sign, the French president
said in his letter. This report was disseminated by Azartac news

Azatutyun Broadcast Interrupted


A1 Plus | 22:23:53 | 21-05-2004 | Politics |

Broadcast of Azatutyun radio station, having broadcasting hours on
state-owned Public Radio, about the opposition rally was interrupted
just after the broadcaster said the live report from the correspondent
on the scene is expected in five minutes.

Music was heard on the radio channel till the very end of Azatutyun
broadcasting time. The Public Radio broadcaster said Azatutyun’s
newscast was interrupted because of satellite connection problems.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

BAKU: Azeri daily warns against “ousting” Turkey from region

Azeri daily warns against “ousting” Turkey from region

Zerkalo, Baku
21 May 04

The chairman of the Armenian National Assembly, Artur Bagdasaryan,
and Turkish Speaker Bulent Arinc held a meeting during the Council of
Europe conference of parliament speakers in Strasbourg. The meeting in
Strasbourg, which was the first one in the history of the Armenian and
Turkish parliaments, was devoted to the need to establish diplomatic
and parliamentary relations between the two countries, the Armenian
parliament press service reported.

[Passage omitted: The Turkish speaker said that Turkey might consider
the issue of establishing diplomatic relations in response to Armenia’s
positive steps regarding the Karabakh conflict]

We have to note that there is coldness in relations between Baku and
Ankara. Individual circles in Azerbaijan have lately been pursuing a
policy aimed at weakening Turkey’s position in the region and first
of all in the eyes of the Azerbaijani public. Experts believe that
this phenomenon is very dangerous, first of all for Baku. In this
case, Azerbaijan actually loses Turkey, which is the country’s only
support in the international arena. Ankara played a key role in saving
Azerbaijan, and ousting Turkey from the region will undoubtedly play
into the hands of Armenia and Russia in the region.

It should be stressed once again that an open anti-Turkey campaign has
actually been launched in Azerbaijan. It should have been foreseen
that sooner or later this will cause a negative response by the
political circles in Turkey. It will be a kind of catastrophe for
us if the number of people interested in breaking off relations with
Azerbaijan increases in Turkey’s government structures. Anti-Turkish
propaganda in Azerbaijan cannot remain unanswered for a long time.

One should not forget that Washington and Ankara are strategic partners
and NATO allies and that the process of gradually ousting Turkey from
the region might lead to the ousting of the USA and Europe from the
region as well.

We have to point out that the absence of the Azerbaijani MPs from
the 29 April debates of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of
Europe [PACE] on the Turkish Cypriot community triggered a negative
response in the Turkish political circles and led to coldness in
Azerbaijani-Turkish relations. Everyone expected that this would lead
to events of a larger scale.

The scandal reached its apogee when the head of the Azerbaijani
delegation said that the Azerbaijani MPs did not attended the debates

Now, the Turkish speaker has let us know that Turkey’s friendship
credit is not endless.

Russian Defence Minister Announces Major CIS Military Exercises


ITAR-TASS news agency, Moscow
21 May 04

Yerevan, 21 May: At the beginning of August “large-scale exercises
of the armed forces of the CIS member countries” will be held in
Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov
said today following the conclusion of a sitting of the CIS Council
of Ministers of Defence.

He said Russia would be represented at the exercises by military
transport and combat aviation, the air force and also by permanent
readiness units and subunits which will be transferred to the zone
of the exercises.

Apart from this, said the minister, “exercises codenamed
Zapad-Antiterror in which antiterrorist subunits from a number of CIS
countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Kyrgyz Republic
will take part, will be held on the territory of Moldova at the end
of June”.

President Of France Jacques Chirac Sends Letter To President OfAzerb


[May 22, 2004, 19:22:25]

President of France Jacques Chirac has send a letter to President of
Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, in which he welcomes the presidential Decree
on Pardon of May 10, and appreciates the Azerbaijan’s policy towards
integration into Europe.

The letter in particular says:

Mr. President, dear friend, on the 10th of May You signed the Decree on
pardoning prisoners named n the Council European’s list. I consider it
my duty to welcome this humane step proving once again Your aspiration
to national unity. Be confident that France will always be alongside
You to help continue this course and build pluralist society.

Mr. Jacques Chirac expressed hope that the initiative strongly
supported by France – inclusion of Azerbaijan and other South Caucasus
countries in the sphere of application of the “European Neighborhood
Policy” – would be concretized in a few weeks.

I know that You attach great importance to integration into the
European Union, and I would like to note with satisfaction that I
was certain of it again during Your recent visit to Brussels.

According to the letter, this integration will foster resolution of
the Nagorno-Karabakh problem as well. Restarting under the auspices
the Minsk Group of the direct dialogues between You and Armenian
President, as well as between the two countries’ Foreign Ministers
is a hopeful factor. This, the French President says, will allow all
of us to use our capabilities for elimination of existing obstacles.

In conclusion President Jacques Chirac expressed to President Ilham
Aliyev assurances of his highest consideration.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Armenians’ Ties With Iranians as Old as History: Armenian OrthodoxPa

Armenians’ Ties With Iranians as Old as History: Armenian Orthodox Patriarch

Tehran Times

BEIRUT (IRNA) – Patriarch Aram I Keshishian, the Leader of the Armenian
Orthodox Church, said here during the 2nd session of a conference
titled ‘Dialogue Between Islam and Christianity’ that the relations
and cooperation between Armenians and Iranians date back to remote
past in world history. Speaking under the title ‘Peaceful Coexistence
between Muslims and Armenian Christians’ at Beirut’s Antlias Church,
the archbishop opined, “In addition to the historical ties between
the world Armenians and the Iranians, the Armenian minority in
Iran are native Iranians, enjoy full religious freedom, have three
Apostolic churches there, and send two representatives to the Iranian
parliament.” Aram I highlighting the importance of holding dialogue
among the followers of various monotheist faiths, particularly between
the Muslims and Christians, said, “Such dialogues have so far paved
the way for trust-building, and boosting cultural cooperation and
ties between the Muslim nations and the world Armenians.”

He expressed hope that the continuation of consultations in the
framework of Dialogue among Civilizations would lead to the elimination
of misunderstandings, and boosting true and wholesome cooperation in
the region and at international level.

During the same session, Iranian researcher and author Mahdi Hadavi
Moqaddam and the head of Tehran Apostolic Church Sibouh Serkisian,
too, talked about the role played by Islam in shaping up the Iranian
culture and civilization, as well as the role played by Christianity
in the lives of the world and Iranian Armenians.

The other speakers at the two-day conference in Beirut included
a Tehrani Armenian Christian Jeans Salmanian, who focussed on the
history of Armenians’ ties with Muslims, and Iranian researcher Zohreh
Rashid-Beig who spoke on relations between Iranians and Armenians in
the past and present eras.

The second conference between Islam and Armenians in the framework
Dialogue among Civilizations, sponsored by the Islamic Republic of
Iran’s Cultural Attache in Lebanon, started its activities in Beirut
on Thursday.

The Head of Culture and Islamic Communications Organization
Hojjatoleslam Mahmud Mohammadi Araqi heads the Iranian delegation to
the conference.

The first conference in this series was held in Tehran in May, 2000,
and was attended by the Leader of the world Armenians Archbishop Aram
I Keshishian.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Eastern bloc to building blocks

Eastern bloc to building blocks
By Anthony Klan

The Australian, Australia
May 20 2004

VAROUGE Patapan, the man behind the design of Mirvac and Lewis Land’s
Gold Coast Ephraim Island development, has a passion for architecture
that he believes stems from his Armenian ancestry.

“Historically Armenians are builders, they create and they build –
they’ve done this for centuries so it’s in my blood,” Mr Patapan said.

As the head of Mirvac’s architecture and design arm, HPA, and the
design director of the Ephraim Island joint venture at Paradise Point,
Mr Patapan said he often drew inspiration for his work from the exotic
countries in which he spent his childhood.

“It’s made me very open-mined about things – there are a number
of ways of skinning a cat and just because we do some things in a
certain way it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the only solution,”
Mr Patapan said.

“I’d travelled a lot with my parents and I’d seen so many cultures
and so many ways of living that maybe psychologically and subtlely
I believed I could make a contribution and make a difference.”

Mr Patapan and his family were born in Ethiopia after his ancestors
fled Armenia in 1915 as part of a diaspora fleeing Turkish genocide.

As a child he returned to live in the Soviet Union-controlled Armenia
with his family before migrating to Australia when he was 11.

“My father was an idealist communist but when reality came in it was
a bit shocking for him,” Mr Patapan said.

Mirvac and Lewis Land Group’s $500 million Ephraim joint venture plans
to deliver 345 apartments, 14 detached houses and 21 villa homes and
is expected to be completed in early 2008.

Ephraim Island itself, a 9.6ha undeveloped site located in the
Southport Broadwater, has been the target of many grandiose development
proposals in the past and has been juggled between owners since
the 1980s.

The Raptis Group bought the site from its original owner – local
pioneer Jim Hansford – in the late 80s for $8 million and sold it to
Japan’s Alpha Corp for almost $45 million in 1989.

Alpha Corp had proposed a $300 million Venetian-style resort for
the island but sold it to Lewis Land in 1995 for $10 million when it
joined a wave of Japanese developers fleeing the stagnant Australian
property market.

Lewis Land had been looking to sell the site before it eventually
teamed up with Mirvac in 2001.

Mr Patapan said his love affair with design and building started at
a young age and as a child was “always manufacturing something” –
often to the despair of his parents.

“I remember chipping the balcony of our apartment block in Armenia
with my brother so we could get the concrete and pour it with water
and make little balls out of it.

“I think that’s an important aspect of architecture – apart from
having the idea I was actually building whatever I had thought of so
it gave me that marriage between the idea versus the reality and that
is what architecture is about.”

Mr Patapan said it was important for designers to take a dynamic
approach to the profession, as many were reluctant to challenge
“the status quo”.

“I don’t want to be hanging around with old ideas – that (is something)
you quite often see.

“Architecture is a strange industry because we look into the past
and we hold our heroes up.

“But sometimes those ideas are not valid anymore, and wanting to be
more valid means that I’m constantly evolving and seeing the world
in a different way.”

On the Gold Coast Mr Patapan has also designed Mirvac’s $120 million
Liberty On Tedder development at Main Beach.

The second of the development’s two towers, Liberty Panorama,
received a regional commendation from the Royal Australian Institute
of Architects in 2002.

Mr Patapan believes it was his work on this project that helped secure
his position as project manager of Ephraim Island.

“It was the first time you could really say on the Gold Coast that
we looked at high-rise design in a fresh way.

“We didn’t want to have the stereotypical front and back look of
high-rise towers on the Gold Coast so we came up with the elliptical

Mr Patapan has been the director of Mirvac’s HPA arm for five of
the seven years he has been working for the company and before that
spent seven years working for Brisbane-based Ainsley Bell Murchison

He spent nearly two months of last year travelling the world, visiting
more than 40 cities “to reaffirm the direction of the design” of
Ephraim Island.

“I wanted to make sure that in the context of the island we hadn’t
done something grossly in error.

“We’ve got to get it right – it’s kind of daunting to think whatever
you’re building is going to last 50 to 100 years and it will be seen
for all to critique from less than two years onwards.”

The Ephraim Island development has been well received by the market
– at the launch of the second stage of the development in September
last year, 81 residences worth $126 million sold off the plan within
five days.

Mr Patapan said “regional modernism” and “minimalism” best described
his preference in interior design.

He said he had stripped the interior walls of his riverside Kenmore
home and painted them white so that his family, rather than objects,
would be the main feature.

“My wife laughs at me.”

And his favourite colour?

“Black – because it’s all the colours put together – it’s such a
strong and timeless colour, it’s neutral in some ways but it also
makes a statement.”

Mr Patapan said he has a “passionate love of flying” and had been
flying light aircraft for more than 15 years but admitted he did not
get into the cockpit as often as he would like.

“I have a pilot’s licence but I don’t use it as much now because of
time constraints.”

In keeping with Armenian tradition, Mr Patapan is a keen sculptor
and painter but said he doesn’t like to display his creations.

“I don’t hang my paintings, I find it’s a very personal thing to be
showing my own work,” he said.

When asked then how he felt about having his skyscraping creations
plonked along the foreshore of the Gold Coast he laughed.

“That’s an interesting irony isn’t it? Perhaps I need a psychiatrist.”

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

BAKU: Int’l Orgs must increase efforts for settlement of NK conflict

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan
May 21 2004

[May 21, 2004, 19:55:25]

President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev received the delegation
of International Crisis Group (ICG) headed by its president Mr.
Gareth Evans, 21 May.

The visitor updated head of the Azerbaijan State on his useful
meetings at the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He also informed on the work done by ICG in elimination of the
sequences of misfortunes in the Balkans, countries of Central Asia
and Africa, noting that they have rendered practical assistance to
the leaders of those countries.

Noting that the Group comprises professionals – former Premiers,
foreign ministers and other high-rank persons. Gareth Evans said that
members of the former Clinton government lead the Group’s Washington
and New York offices. The ICG comprises representatives form 35
countries and are also engaged in conflict settling. Currently, the
Group carries out researches in numerous world countries – in the
conflict areas, potential conflict regions and prepares appropriate
reports. Mr. Evans said that they prepare similar report on Nagorny
Karabakh conflict, as well as held meetings with the leaders of
Georgia and Armenia for settlement of the conflicts in the South
Caucasus region. He said that they closely cooperate with the UN
Secretary General, Security Council, US State Department to eliminate
sequences of calamities and settlement of conflicts.

President Ilham Aliyev said he welcomes the Group’s interest in the
region and expressed regret that these conflicts cause hard problems
and tragedies for people. Noting that Azerbaijan has over one million
of refugees and IDPs, Head of the Azerbaijan State stressed the
necessity of increasing by international community the efforts
against Armenia’s aggression towards Azerbaijan.

Reminding that currently the OSCE and other international
organizations are engaged in settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan
Nagorny Karabakh conflict, President Ilham Aliyev said that should
the international community increase its efforts for fair solution of
the problem, the conflict will be removed. If the international
community will know what has happened, why has happened, who is
aggressor and who is victim of the aggression, who has occupied and
keeps under occupation whose lands, then, it will become clear that
just Armenia is an aggressor state and brutally has violated
international legal norms, has occupied Azerbaijan’s lands and keep
under control up to day. If the international community will pay due
attention to these moments, the conflict will be settled and security
will be established in the region, President of Azerbaijan

Also was discussed a number of other issues of mutual interest.

Head of the foreign relations department of President Administration
Novruz Mammadov, head of the law enforcement management department of
President Administration Fuad Alaskarov attended the reception.