Indian Exhibition Fair Kicks Off In Yerevan


Yerevan "Dinamo" stadium is hosting Indian exhibition fair May 14-23.

The fair is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and
the Indian Embassy to Armenia.

Goods of Indian production – baby clothes, hand-made works, Indian
jewels, clothes, carpets, leather goods, textile, etc, – will be
presented in the fair. The exhibition will be open 10am-8pm daily.

The exhibition-fair aims at intensifying Armenian-Indian economic ties,
and mutual awareness, as well as promote export, Chamber of Commerce
and Industry informed

2009 Award-Giving Ceremony Of RA President Held


MAY 13, 2010

The 2009 award-giving ceremony of RA president was held today in the
presidential residence. Awards were given to 21 representatives of
the spheres of science and art in 17 nominations.

Armenian presidential press service told Armenpress that President
Serzh Sargsyan, congratulating the award winners, noted that this
annual award-giving ceremony is truly an important and beautiful
initiative. According to the president, the awards encourage the
laureates, and draw the public attention to the latest achievements
of art and science.

"All the awarded works are equally precious for us, but I want to
single out two award winners, whose activity concerns the scientific
grounding of the Armenian Genocide. I think the importance of our
achievements registered in this area is apparent for all of us. With
special warmth I congratulate our young award winners – artists,
musicians and writers, whose way into the big art today is marked by an
award. I hope this event will be a stimulus for them and an indicator
of a new stage in the creative life. I wish our scientists to continue
the rich traditions of the sphere of exact sciences with dignity.

I am sure that the competitiveness of our science and scientists
will increase in the contemporary world thanks to similar works. The
achievements of both the science and art are must be ingredients for
development of people. By creating and educating we convey the breath
of the new times to our people’s march of many years, and we will
register good results if we continue with the same belief, energy
and respect. Your achievements smooth our way to future and I have
no doubt that the future will be luminous and bright," President S.
Sargsyan said.

Serzh Sargsyan also addressed a speech of gratitude to the
French-Armenian family of Poghosyans, with the initiative and
sponsorship of which the award of the RA president was established
in 2001, thanks to which 161 individuals have become award winers.

FAO: Crisis Affected Agriculture In Central And East Europe


May 13, 2010

Global crisis affected agriculture in the countries of Central and
East Europe, said Jacques Diouf, General Director of FAO in Yerevan.

Armenian National Statistic Service informs that the highest indicator
of the decline of produced agricultural products in Armenia is
registered in the first quarter of 2009 – 5.1% compared with the same
indicator of 2008. By the results of the year it made 0.1% compared
with the same period in 2008.

"Countries of the region face big economic difficulties, including
reduction of export markets, flow of money transfer and private
funding", said Diouf on Thursday during the opening of 27th regional
conference of FAO.

Volume of hunger increased during the last three years due to reduction
of investments in agriculture and abrupt price reduction of food.

"It deepens due to financial-economic crisis which negatively affected
in all the parts of the planet", he said.

Starting from 1998 about 50 million people in the region of Central
and East Europe could manage to successfully overcome poverty which
was conditioned by total growth of income.

"In Central Asia the number of people suffering from hunger was
reduced from 9.3 million in 2000-2002 to 5.8 million in 2004-2006 and
agriculture played a key role in poverty reduction of the countries
of Europe and Central Asia", said Diouf.

In 2009 the number of starving people increased by 105 million in
the world compared with the last year reaching 1 billion people.

In two-day conference taking part in Yerevan, 160 representatives from
45 countries of Europe and Central Asia and international organizations
participate. ($1 – 389.47 drams).

PACE President Concerned Over Arrests Following March 1, 2008 Events


May 13, 2010 – 20:18 AMT 15:18 GMT

PACE is concerned over March 1 tragic events, seeking to promote
restoration of society’s trust and establish effective dialogue,
PACE President Mevlut Cavusoglu said.

As PACE President stated at RA NA news conference, "PACE urges Armenian
authorities to work out a fixed schedule to implement RA NA Interim
Committee and PACE’s suggestions."

Commenting on issues PACE considers to be unresolved by Armenian
authorities, Mevlut Cavusoglu stressed, "No one was made accountable
for March 1, 2008 events, which complicates restoration of society’s
trust. There’s another unresolved issue, concerning those arrested
after March 1 events, specifically that of Nikol Pashinyan."

ANKARA: Russian President Favours Normalization Of Turkish-Armenian


Anadolu Agency
May 12 2010

Ankara, 12 May: The Russian president extended on Wednesday [12 May]
support to normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations.

Russia’s President Dmitriy Medvedev said Russia was monitoring the
process carefully and wished that the process that had gained momentum
with protocol signed between Turkey and Armenia would continue.

"I hope parties will reach an agreement," Medvedev told a joint press
conference with Turkish President Abdullah Gul in Ankara.

Medvedev said the normalization would contribute to regional stability,
improve economic relations and raise living standards.

"We support this process, we will make use of our resources but the
concerned parties will make the (final) decision," he said.

On Karabakh dispute, Medvedev said it was a challenging issue but
not the sole issue in the Caucasus.

Medvedev said promising steps had been taken recently for settlement
of Karabakh controversy and there had been a number of developments
but that did not mean a compromise on all matters.

The Russian president said he had recommended Russia’s mediation
to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Armenian President Serzh
Sargsyan, organized negotiations in Russia and such initiatives
would continue.

Medvedev said significant progress had been made recently, however
nobody should be contented with that progress.

On bilateral relations, Medvedev said he discussed contributions
of Turkey and Russia on regional and global stability with Gul,
and referred to two countries’ responsibility in the Black Sea basin.

Medvedev said Gul and he once more confirmed the will to counter
terrorism and two countries would do their best for a cooperation
among security, military and intelligence units.

Also, Medvedev said two countries had similar views on solution of
Middle East problem and they could make the process more active.

Medvedev said Gul and he discussed possible steps that could be taken
and the recent slowdown in the process had affected living standards
in the region.

All countries should work efficiently to solve problems, Medvedev said.

Medvedev said all concerned parties should take part in solution of
the Middle East problem and it was not possible for the Palestinian
administration to solve the problem with such a division.

"This will lead to Palestine’s recess and the peace process is not
going on as desired," he said.

Medvedev said the United States should be more active on this issue
and the Middle East should be a region purified from nuclear weapons.

"Presence of nuclear weapons and their use will be a disaster,"
he said.

The Russian president said Gul and he also debated Iraq and Iran,
and Russia’s stance on Iran was certain and close to that of Turkey.

Medvedev said measures to ensure stability should be taken, Iran should
assume a constructive approach and a peaceful solution should be found.

"If a country implements its own nuclear programme, it will destabilize
balances rapidly and cause serious results," he said.

Medvedev said Russia aimed to use all its resources and continue
talks with particularly Iran, Israel and other countries involved in
the process.

"I am hopeful that it will be possible to get out of this complicated
situation but it is a challenging one," he said.

Russia and Turkey were also interested in the stability of the
Caucasus, Medvedev said.

Medvedev said two countries were working to solve the Karabakh dispute
and Russia would continue the process and consultations with Turkey.

Gul and Medvedev also took up Balkans and Cyprus.

"Turkish and Russian partnership is in line with the best interests
of our nations and it is one of elements ensuring regional peace,"
he also said.

Medvedev is actually paying a formal visit to Turkey. He will meet
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which will be followed
by a working lunch.

The Russian president will also meet Parliament Speaker Mehmet
Ali Sahin.

Medvedev will participate in a meeting of the Turkish-Russian
Business Forum.

Turkey’s President Gul is expected to host a dinner in Medvedev’s
honour at the Cankaya presidential residence.

Top 10 "don’ts" for Diasporans in Armenia

Top 10 "don’ts" for Diasporans in Armenia
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The Armenian Reporter
by Dro Tsarian

Published: Wednesday May 12, 2010

Yerevan – While the number of amazing "to do" things in Armenia are
too long to list, below is a list of ten simple things each Diaspora
visitor can do to be helpful to Armenia on his or her trip, and to
also protect oneself. If each visitor from Diaspora does his or her
small part to set the right example and to also demand the same from
locals, Armenia will improve a lot quicker. So on your next visit,
remember that you can not only have a great holiday but also give back
to Armenia by helping make this place a better place to live for

1. Do not throw trash on the floor or leave trash outside of the city
where there are no trash cans. Bring the trash back to the city and
find a trash can to throw it in.

2. Do not allow anyone to cut in front of you in lines for any
reason. Waiting in lines in an organized manner is lacking amongst
many locals, so set an example of how people should wait their turn in

3. Do not give bribes to anyone or for anything. You can get most
everything done in Armenia legally only if you insist on your rights
and do not take short cuts by giving bribes.

4. Do not give money to beggars who thrive on summer seasons
scavenging of off tourists. Most of them work in groups or with
sponsors and have their designated areas where they know the most
money can be made. If you want to help beggars, buy them food.

5. Do not be fooled by sob stories from your driver or recently met
friend in Armenia in order to convince you to give financial
help. It’s not atypical of some cunning locals to play on patriotic
emotions of Diasporans in order to make a quick financial gain.

6. Do not buy any real estate or valuable items at anywhere near the
listed price. Always offer half and up to 1/5 of the price you’ve been
quoted. It’s quite normal by locals to offer ridiculously high prices
to Diasporans while they would never quote similar prices to other

7. Do not allow taxi drivers to start driving without putting on their
meter and do not sit in taxies that don’t have official yellow license
plates or are without meters. Ask if their meter works before you get
into the taxi.

8. Do not cross intersections on red lights, wait until the light is
green and demand cars to stop for you to cross the intersection. Set
an example for those pedestrians and drivers who have yet to learn the
traffic laws.

9. If you are not a smoker, do not start smoking in Armenia because
"everyone else" does. Set an example that smoking is not "cool" and
that smoking is increasingly uncommon and looked down upon.

10. Finally, do not bring your black clothing with you to
Armenia. There is a big lack of color in clothing in Armenia as vast
majority of the locals wear mostly black specially in colder months,
so bring your colorful clothing to add some color to the city.

Bako Sahakyan Receives Colonel-General Mikayel Haroutyunyan


MAY 12, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 12, ARMENPRESS: President of the Artsakh Republic Bako
Sahakyan received today general military superintendent of the Republic
of Armenia colonel-general Mikayel Haroutyunyan.

Central Information Department of the Office of the Artsakh Republic
President told Armenpress that issues related to the development
of army building and cooperation of the two Armenian states in this
sphere were discussed during the meeting.

NKR: Triple Holiday In Artsakh


NKR Government Information and Public Relations Department
May 10, 2010

On May 9, the 18 th anniversary of liberation of Shoushi, the NKR
Defence Army Day, and the 65 th anniversary of the Victory won in the
Great Patriotic War were celebrated. The triple holiday started on May
8, by a solemn sitting. Representatives of republican authorities, the
public, military personnel, and liberation soldiers, Great Patriotic
War veterans, guests gathered in Stepanakert Harrison Officers’ House.

Movses Hakobyan, the NKR Defence Minister, made a speech. The President
B.Sahakyan handed over government awards to a large group of persons
prominent for the military service.

Within the framework of festive programme a visit to Stepanakert
Memorial Complex and Shoushi took place. In the evening, a festive
grand concert was organized in the town stadium

An official delegation of the RA headed by the National Assembly
Chairman Hovik Abrahamyan was present at celebrations.

Armenia Has Not Been Receiving Russian Gas For Two Weeks


2010-05-10 16:48:00

ArmInfo. Armenia has not been receiving Russian natural gas through
Georgia’s territory for two weeks.

As Georgian Embassy in Armenia told ArmInfo, the terms of resumption
of supplies will be called on May 7-8. To recall, on April 29, because
of a landslide, gas supply to Armenia was suspended in view of damage
of Northern Caucasus – Transcaucasus gas main. The Georgian Oil and
Gas Corporation refused to inform something because of the absence
of the Company’s spokesperson.

Meanwhile, ArmRusgazprom Company reported that as of May 10, Armenia
does not yet receive Russian gas. Gas consumers are provided with gas
due to the reserves of Abovyan underground gas storage in a volume
of 2,5 mln cub m on per day.

Seyran Ohanyan: Il n’y aurait eu aucune victoire en Artsakh sans…

Seyran Ohanyan : Il n’y aurait eu aucune victoire en Artsakh sans
l’exemple de la Grande Guerre Patriotique


dimanche9 mai 2010, par Stéphane/armenews

` Le 9 mai, nous célébrons la victoire dans la Grande Guerre
Patriotique, la libération de Shushi et la formation de l’Armée de
Défense du Karabagh’ a déclaré Seyran Ohanyan pendant une réunion avec
des étudiants de l’Université d’État d’Erevan.

Tirant des parallèles entre la Grande Guerre Patriotique et la Guerre
de l’Artsakh, le Ministre Ohanyan a dit qu’il n’y aurait eu aucune
victoire en Artsakh sans la victoire héroïque dans la Deuxième Guerre

Seyran Ohanyan a noté avec fierté que les Forces armées arméniennes
continuent à participer aux efforts internationaux d’établir une
atmosphère de sécurité. Nos forces de maintien de la paix effectuent
avec succès leur mission au Kosovo, en Irak et en l’Afghanistan,
a-t-il exposé.

Achevant la réunion, le Ministre Ohanyan a remis des médailles de
jubilé aux vétérans du Grande Guerre Patriotique lors de la réunion.