Nubarashen Landfill Cell: Boots In Exchange For Information


2010-05-17 17:35:00

ArmInfo. Armenian Nature Protection Ministry has come forward with
an original suggestion in the matter of the Nubarashen landfill cell.

Representative of the ministry Roman Chobanyan promised at today’s
press-conference to give his boots to those journalists which will
dare to visit the landfill cell. To recall, an extraordinary situation
established at the territory of the landfill cell after damaging of
its upper layer by heavy equipment. A criminal case was initiated by
this fact, but the criminals have not been arrested by the Police yet.

Incidentally, Chobanyan voiced some strange pretensions to public
organizations which rose the problem of the Nubarashen landfill cell.

‘All of them say about the work implemented but none of them put even
one no-go sign near the landfill cell’, – he said. Representative of
the public organization Lilit Simonyan replied they do not have such
an authority. She also added that 10 years ago just their organization
attracted attention of the governmental structures to the problem of
the landfill cell, but no specific step has been taken by them.

Nubarashen toxic waste dump was built in 1976 by the decision of the
USSR Council of Ministers. It is located in an active landslide zone
not far from the reserve of wild cereals. A total of 600 tons of toxic
pesticides were buried directly in the ground, including 512 tons of
first and second hazard class. Crucial is that the Armenian Women
for Health and Healthy Environment (AWHHE) organization revealed
the dump yet 10 years ago. Despite its numerous applications to
government structures, the only measures taken over those years were
prohibitory signs and barbed wire fence. On May 6 the Government of
Armenia decided to allocate 31.650mln AMD for solving the problem of
Nubarashen. In fact, the dump has been put in state of emergency.

BAKU: Leader Of NK Azerbaijani Community: "Ordinary Armenian Populat


May 17 2010

Baku. Elnur Mammadli – APA. "The so-called Nagorno Karabakh regime
can not conduct any legal election", said leader of the Public Union
of Nagorno Karabakh’s Azerbaijani community Bayram Safarov in his
interview to the New Azerbaijan Party’s official website where he
expressed opinion about the Nagorno Karabakh regime’s decision to
conduct "parliamentary elections" on May 23.

The community leader said Nagorno Karabakh is a territory of Azerbaijan
and the world recognized the territorial integrity of our country. He
said elections in Nagorno Karabakh could be conducted within the
Azerbaijani laws only. "The so-called regime organizes such "election"
game supported by Armenia. But the aggressive country is exhausting
itself. Armenia has no economic indexes and it heads toward the
recession year by year. They can not assist the separatist Nagorno
Karabakh regime. The people leave Nagorno Karabakh because of hard
conditions. The population suffers from poverty. How the so-called
regime can conduct elections in such situation? The population can
normally leave there only within the laws of Azerbaijan. The ordinary
Armenian population of Nagorno Karabakh waits fro that day".

An Apartment To Be Provided To 300 Families Of Young Scientists


MAY 17, 2010

One hundred scientists of the National Academy of Sciences have been
registered for becoming a resident of a 300 apartment building intended
for young scientists, writers, etc.

Arsen Karamyan, vice-minister of the Armenian Sport and Youth Affairs
Ministry, and Atom Mkhitaryan, coordinator of the Youth Ministry,
presented the program of "Available Apartment for Young Scientists"
today at a meeting with journalists.

Le President Du Karabagh A Rencontre Des Veterans De La Grande Guerr


17 mai 2010

Le 7 mai le President du Nagorno Karabakh Bako Sahakyan a recu un
groupe d’anciens combattants de la Grande guerre patriotique mene
par le President de l’Union de la Guerre du Karabagh et l’ONG des
Veterans du Travail Sergey Barseghyan.

Le Chef d’Etat a souligne l’importance du rôle et del a contribution
des veterans au developpement et au renforcement de la republique
soulignant que les victoires dans la lutte de la liberation nationale
sont la suite des victoires realisees dans le Grand Guerre Patriotique.

Pointant la participation des veterans dans les processus sociaux
et politiques, le President a note que leur experience est exigee
jusqu’ici et s’attend a ce que la generation des aînes devienne plus
activement impliquee dans la vie du pays.

Bako Sahakyan a souligne que la solution des questions sociales des
veterans viendra bientôt dans le rayon du projecteur de l’etat.

The 2nd Festival Of "Comics" Kicks Off


May 14 2010

Since today the 2nd international festival of "Comics" kicks off
in Yerevan. The organizer of the festival is the Union of Comics
Development which was founded in French Angouleme city, in 2007 the
aim of which was to promote the development of the tradition of comics
in our country.

On the sidelines of the festival there are several events to be held,
exhibitions, presentations of books and journals, lessons, contest
of one page comics, presentation of cartoons based on comics.

The events that will take place till May 16, will mainly be held in
the Armenian Union of Painters, in the Narekatsi Art Union, where
will be presented films in the genre of comics, and in the library
of Khnko Aper where will be organized presentations.

The organizers of the festivals are sure that the art of comics is
a way of expression and the Armenians too should have their way of
expressing themselves.

The festival gathers all those people who are interested in the art
of comics, they wish not only to read, but also to write histories,
and create.

Rare Roman Marble Relief Leads Christie’S Auction Of Antiquities

May 14 2010

NEW YORK, NY.- Christie’s announced the sale of Antiquities on June
10, which will offer over 150 lots with a stunning selection of Roman
marbles, Greek helmets and vases, and Egyptian art. The highlight of
the sale is a rare Roman marble relief from the Julio-Claudian period,
circa early 1st century A.D., that depicts the Emperor Tiberius
standing before a seated Genius with the goddess Concordia between
them as intermediary. This outstanding Imperial commission, perhaps
from an altar or other civic monument, is superbly sculpted in high
relief. Carved with great technical precision the relief combines
depth and perspective within the limited thickness of the marble slab.

The sculptor of the relief was an artist of importance and considerable
skill, one well acquainted with Classical and Hellenistic styles
of drapery.

Another notable work is a Roman bronze lamp stand, circa late 1st
century B.C. (estimate: $800,000-1,200,000). On the base of the lamp
stand is a figure of a youth, possibly depicting Alexander Helios,
son of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra VII, in the guise of an Armenian
prince with his high pyramidal headdress and eastern attire. This
piece compares to the famous bronze youths, one at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art and one at the Walters Art Museum.

The sale also presents a fine Egyptian Diorite Head of an Official,
Late Period, Dynasty XXX, 380-343 B.C. (estimate: $500,000-700,000).

This is a skillfully sculpted and superbly polished idealizing head,
part of a tradition that sought to imbue the individual with eternal
youth and vigor. The important official represented would only be
identifiable by the accompanying inscription, here lost. While a
number of these portrait heads are preserved in museum collections
in the U.S. and Europe, this example is rare to the market for its
quality and condition.

An Egyptian sandstone relief depicting the Pharaoh Ramesses II is also
featured in the sale, dated to his reign, 1290-1224 B.C. (estimate:
$100,000-150,000). Here Ramesses is portrayed offering a bolt of cloth
to a deity. It is likely from a column drum. The Pharaoh is wearing a
tunic and a short ibes wig with echeloned curls hanging over his ears.

Only the right arm and was-scepter of the god before him remains. Two
of Ramesses’ five names in cartouches are visible above, and red
pigment for Ramesses’ flesh is well preserved.

Additional highlights include an incredible Roman marble relief panel
from the Antonine Period, circa 160 A.D. (estimate: $400,000-600,000),
depicting a centauromachy with a panorama of a battle scene of nude
Greek warriors and centaurs, bearded half-equine beasts; a Greek bronze
helmet of Cretan type, circa 650-620 B.C. (estimate: $350,000-550,000),
distinguished by the high crest and carefully-incised mythological
scenes; and an elegant Attic red-figured neck amphora, circa 490-480
B.C. (estimate: $200,000-300,000), attributed to the Berlin Painter.

BAKU: Russian Analyst: No Justification For Continued Occupation Of


May 14 2010

Interview with Alla Yazikova, doctor of historical sciences, professor,
Chair of the Mediterranean-Black Sea Problems Council at the Russian
Academy of Sciences Institute of Europe.

What is your assessment of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s
official visit to Turkey?

In my opinion, any steps aimed at improving relations with Turkey in
the Black Sea-Caspian region are a positive fact, since the region is
literally filled with contradictions and conflicts. With regard to
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, it should be noted that it was the first
time that this issue was mentioned specifically at such a high-level
bilateral meeting and encouraging statements were made.

As for the Medvedev’s position, he spoke very carefully. He said that
he has personally proposed the two conflicting parties his services
to mediate, and assured that all the parties together can contribute
to conflict resolution. However, he noted that, in the first place,
the conflict should be resolved by the conflicting parties themselves.

Medvedev believes that this conflict requires high caution and

However, despite rather cautious position, Medvedev said that Moscow
and the Ankara intend to contribute to strengthening of stability in
the region in spite of the fact that Turkey is not included in the
OSCE Minsk Group. However, Turkey, along with Russia, stated it is
going to contribute to the conflict solution.

In your view, how realistic is Turkey’s becoming OSCE Minsk Group
co-chair as stated by Prime Minister Erdogan?

You know, the Minsk group was not active enough for the past decade
and a half. Therefore, speaking about Turkey’s involvement into the
conflict resolution, we do not mean it’s joining the OSCE Minsk
Group co-chairs, but creating several groups of countries that,
regardless of the Minsk Group, would contribute to resolving the
Karabakh conflict. So, I do not think that Turkey will become part
of the OSCE Minsk Group.

According to latest talks, there can be real progress in liberation
of Azerbaijan’s occupied lands in 2010. Is this realistic, in your

I think there should be some real progress. In any case, the return
of the occupied territories around Nagorno-Karabakh is an issue which
had to be solved long ago because there is absolutely no justification
for continued occupation of those territories.

Another thing is that one should think about how to do it. Now many
say that five occupied regions should be freed first and foremost,
and then Kelbajar and Lachin should be liberated given their strategic
importance as claimed by Armenia.

I also want to mention that many experts have become entangled
in issues of international law. Some say supposedly we have two
conflicting principles – the right of nations to self-determination
and territorial integrity. However, I would like to recall that we
have as a major international law, UN Charter, which is the starting
point in addressing all legal problems. So, the UN Charter does not
contain the phrase "right of nations to self-determination". You will
not see this. There is a "principle of self-determination of peoples".

The word "nation" means the entire population of a State. In this case,
this state is Azerbaijan.

At least, there are two fundamental documents on economic, social
and political rights of states that were not only signed but also
ratified in late 1960s by all States, including the Soviet Union,
which also means that Armenia and Azerbaijan. This document has no
term on the status of a nation to self-determination.

With regard to subsequent wordings, referring to the UN resolution
1960, they concerned liberation of colonial peoples. So, international
lawyers must clearly understand all of these structures.

I think that it is high time to seriously appeal to sources of
international law. Talks that we want to see a resolution this way or
another are simply inappropriate. After all, there are still problems
of internally displaced persons, whose rights are registered in a
number of international instruments. There are rights and obligations
of those States, through whose fault they were forced to flee their

After all, there are still problems of internally displaced persons,
whose rights are stipulated in a number of international documents.

There are rights and obligations of those States, through whose fault
they were forced to flee their homes.

In your opinion, what one should expect from the Armenian government

The diaspora has a very strong impact on Armenia’s position. Today
Armenia’s economic situation is too hard to get out from under the
influence of the influential diaspora. After the Russian-Georgian war,
Armenia was cut off from Russia. Yerevan is concerned over this. It
fears that if something happens, Russia will not be able to provide
support to Armenia, and is it unlikely to do this.

Now we must understand that there will be no peace in the Caucasus
without solving the Karabakh problem. Neither the U.S. nor Russia is
interested in unstable situation in the region.

Ingo Armenia Insures Armenal Factory


2010-05-14 13:19:00

ArmInfo. INGO ARMENIA insurance company has recently insured the
property of ARMENAL Factory and its risks of production suspension.

The parties made a 1-year insurance contract. The total insurance
coverage is $438mn. INGO ARMENIA and ARMENAL have been cooperating
for over 7 years already. The company is responsible also for cargo
insurance of ARMENAL.

ARMENAL foil rolling mill was founded in May 2000 as part of the
Kanaker aluminium smelter. It is one of the biggest production
facilities in Armenia and is the only producer of aluminum foil in
the Caucasus and Central Asian regions. ARMENAL forms the Packaging
Division of RUSAL Company. The mill employs 700 people and exports
production to Europe, Middle East and USA.

INGO ARMENIA Insurance Company was founded in 1997. It is an affiliated
company of the Russian INGOSSTRAKH. The company is the market leader
in terms of the key figures. In particular, in the property risks
and freight activity segment the company collected 172 million drams
and 33 million drams premiums, respectively, for Q1 2010. In fact,
INGO ARMENIA ranked the first in the market encompassing 10 insurance

Gathering Of Ecumenical Officials In Bose


MAY 12, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 12, ARMENPRESS: Gathering of Ecumenical officials took
place May 3-6 in Bose Ecumenical Church of the World Council of
Churches with the participation of 60 representatives from different
countries and churches.

Armenian Apostolic Church was represented by director of the
Etchmiadzin’s Inter-Church relations department Archbishop Hovakim
Manukyan and head of the Cilicia’s Inter-Church relations department
Archbishop Narek Alemezyan. Holy See press office told Armenpress that
during the gathering the participants discussed the current activity
of the World Council of Churches and the coming musts. Reports were
also presented.

Secretary General of Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit presented his activity
and highlighted the work of ecumenical officials.

O. Yesayan, "If The Events Develop In A Military Scenario, The RA An


MAY 11, 2010

On May 10, Armenian Ambassador to Russia O. Yesayan met with the
veterans of the Great Patriotic War arrived from Armenia. The diplomats
of the Armenian Embassy in Moscow participated in the meeting.

"Armenpress" correspondent from Moscow reports that welcoming the
veterans the ambassador congratulated all the guests on the Victory
Day and expressed them gratitude for taking a victory. Noting that May
9 is also the day of Shushi liberation and formation of the NKR army,
the ambassador stressed the decisive significance of those events in
Artsakh liberation fight.

In his speech O. Yesayan also referred to Azerbaijani ambassador’s
military rhetoric at the meeting with Azerbaijani veterans. "No
diplomat who respects himself will come forward with a regular military
rhetoric in the country he is hosted in the days of victory in front
of the veterans who have taken a joint victory, even if that diplomat
represents Azerbaijan, a country where the anti-Armenian hysteria has
become a state policy. I consider it troublesome and very condemnable.

The war does not solve any issue, but deepens the old one and creates
a new issue, so suchlike calls are senseless. Nevertheless, if the
events develop in a military scenario, the leadership of Armenia and
the Nagorno Karabakh Republic will receive new proposals with a request
of establishing a regular ceasefire regime by those who levied war,"
the ambassador noted.