BAKU: KLO pickets parliament over Armenian presence at NATO seminar

Azeri pressure group pickets parliament over Armenian presence at NATO

ANS TV, Baku
4 Nov 04

[Presenter] Taking an opportunity of NATO Secretary-General Jaap de
Hoop Scheffer’s visit [to Azerbaijan], members of the Karabakh
Liberation Organization KLO] have protested against the participation
of Armenian MPs in the 58th Rose-Roth seminar of the NATO
Parliamentary Assembly due in Baku on 26-28 November. The KLO members
staged a picket outside the Milli Maclis [Azerbaijani parliament].

[Correspondent, over video of protesters outside parliament] The KLO
members expressed their protest at the participation of the Armenian
MPs in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Rose-Roth seminar in Baku in
a more original way. Since law-enforcement bodies did not know that
members of the organization would picket the Milli Maclis, nobody
interfered in the protest. First, the protesters scattered leaflets
with various slogans outside the parliament building. The following
slogans were on these leaflets: “We are calling on the Azerbaijani
people to more actively protest against the visit of Armenian
representatives to Baku”, “Down with Armenian criminals”, “Yes to NATO
without aggressor Armenia”, “No to NATO protecting Armenia” etc.

The KLO members did not meet any obstacle till the door of the Milli
Maclis. The KLO first deputy chairman, first-grade Karabakh disabled
Firudin Mammadov, made an address.

[Firudin Mammadov, captioned] We do not have anything against
Azerbaijan’s relations with NATO. But NATO and all world organizations
should know that the Azerbaijani people and state have principles, and
Azerbaijan’s lands have been occupied by Armenia. And we are against
that occupation. We do not have any other principles.

[Correspondent] The pickets chanted other slogans too.

[Pickets shown waving their arms and chanting “Either Karabakh or
death, either Karabakh or death”].

[Correspondent] Although several policemen standing aside did not
interfere, top guards arrived and started dispersing the pickets after
the resolution was read out. But no particular violence was allowed
and nobody was detained. The detention of the protesters started only
after the delayed arrival of the employees of the Sabayil district
police department [in Baku]. When the policemen arrived, the
protesters were already trying to sit in their cars and drive away
from the parliament building. But the police pushed the protesters,
including drivers, out of the cars and took them to the station No 9
of the Sabayil district police department.

Rasad Isgandarov, Mahir Mammadli, Ibrahim Telmanoglu for ANS.

Alternative Transportation Routes for Armenia

Russian Railway Chief Proposes Alternative Transportation Routes for Armenia
Civil Georgia, Tbilisi 2004-11-04 11:52:20

Chief of the state-run Russian Railway Company Gennady Fadeev said while
visiting Armenia’s capital, Yerevan on October 3, that the railway route
linking Russia with Armenia via Georgia can be put into operation within a

“In terms of financial and technical possibilities, the transport corridor
Sochi-Sokhumi-Tbilisi-Yerevan may be resumed within a year,” RIA Novosti
news agency quoted Fadeev as saying.

However, he added that “questions prevail over answers in this regard.”
He stressed the prospect of increasing the volume of Armenian-Russian
freight transportation through railway ferries.

“The fact that Russian freights are moving to Armenia through the Ukrainian
and Georgian ports of Ilichevsk and Poti, respectively, is nonsense,” Fadeev

He said it is quite possible to open a ferry route between the Russian port
of Kavkaz and the Georgian port of Poti, which will be three times cheaper
than the current route via the Ukrainian port. Fadeev also added that “the
opinion of the Georgian side is very important in this regard.”

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

What is K-Telecom?

A1 Plus | 19:50:07 | 04-11-2004 | Economy |


“Under the decision on allowing the license for rendering services of
mobile communication in Armenia, Executive Power approved the results of
the tender represented by the tender commission set up by Government
decision and recognized “K-TeleCom” CJSC as the winner of the tender.
Some instructions were set to Transport and Communication and Justice
Ministers”. It’s the extract from the release of Government sitting.

We asked both Government, Justice Ministry and Transport and
Communication Ministry what the information meant. Ara Saghatelyan,
Press Secretary of Justice Ministry didn’t answer our questions. “Ask
the one conducting the tender”, he said.

It turns the specially established commission held the tender.
Communication and Transport Minister Andranik Manukyan heads the
committee. “Phone the information service!”, Minister answered when we
tried to ask him about the information.

Nether the local nor the cell phones of the information service
answered. We managed to obtain some information from Mary Harutyunyan,
head of Government Department of Public Relations.

It turns it was decided at Government special sitting last evening to
conduct a tender for rendering mobile communication services. It was
decided yesterday that Andranik Manukyan will head the tender
commission. These mean depriving “ArmenTel” of the monopoly for
so-called “SIM” card service, the second operator will function in the
sphere. But another thing is noteworthy.

Under the Law on “Licensing”, there is a special procedure set for
conducting a tender, which takes a long time. During that time the
tender participants introduce their applications and tender packages,
and then each package is studied separately. Let’s remind that months
ago when journalists wondered when the second operator would function in
the sphere of doing mobile communication services, officials always
answered that a tender would be held after settling the problematic
issues with “ArmenTel”.

Officials keep affirming for the time being no company wished to enter
the Armenian market.

Was everything carried out by Law? How it happened that a decision on
conducting a tender was made yesterday and the tender was held the next
day by 11:00 AM? Why weren’t the journalists informed about the decision
made at the special sitting of Government during the press conference?
Why was everything performed in secret? Why don’t any of officials want
to answer the questions?

All these cause thoughts. At last, what does “K-TeleCom” mean? Is that
“Karabakh-TeleCom”? We didn’t find this, either.

How Was The Tender Conducted?

A1 Plus | 20:53:23 | 04-11-2004 | Economy |


Armenian Justice Minister David Harutyunyan said at the conference
yesterday in Government the following: “Tomorrow “ArmenTel” will be
deprived of the right for rendering GSM services”. Minister’s statement
is a fact now.

“Liberty” Radio Station informs, K-TeleCom, i.e, Karabakh-TeleCom, doing
GSM services together with “ArmenTel” beginning from today, is a company
established by $ 10 million fund, which covers the 70% of Karabakh.

Let’s remind that nothing is known about a de facto tender for entering
the sphere of cellular communication in Armenia. It is not known,
either, who the rival companies were if a tender took place during the
night or what the tender proposal of “K-TeleCom” was.

Kocharyan Congratulating

A1 Plus | 21:05:38 | 04-11-2004 | Official |


Armenian President Robert Kocharyan addressed a congratulation message
to George W. Bush on his re-election.

“Take my cordial congratulations on your re-election for the post of US
President. USA continuing support and cooperation are deeply appreciated
by the Armenian people and stimulate development in Armenia.
Undoubtedly, US active involvement in the peaceful settlement of
Karabakhi conflict makes a special part in our relations. We do hope
that during your second period of office serious progress will be
registered in the process. During the coming years I expect for a close
cooperation directed to fulfillment of our purposes and prosperity of
our states”, Robert Kocharyan wrote.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Loving hands bake rich tradition

Loving hands bake rich tradition


/November 4, 2004/

As her wrinkled hands gently press the triangle of traditional Armenian
cheese turnover dough, Natalie Papazian talks about putting her heart —
and the future of her church — into its creation.

Of course, cheese fills the inside of all 3,636 boregs, the flaky
pastries made for the 42nd year of St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic
Church’s annual fall festival this weekend in Dearborn.

But the aging ladies of the church began handing down the tradition to
younger members this year, teaching them the technique and love involved
in cooking for their church.

“This is from the bottom of our hearts, to do something to give back to
the Lord,” said Papazian, 70, of Redford Township. “I would do anything
for our church.”

Papazian, about 30 older members and a handful of younger church members
meet every Tuesday and Thursday to make food for the festival. The women
have been cooking and baking since July, preparing baked goods,
meatballs, meat pies and other traditional Armenian food and freezing
them for the festival.

From 3 to 10 p.m. Saturday and 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Sunday, St. Sarkis
will serve about 2,000 dinners and sell hundreds of take-home bags.

The festival will also have a gift shop, a children’s craft room and
live traditional Armenian music.

Papazian’s eyes fill with tears and she chokes up as she describes the
joy she feels teaching the young women how to knead choreg, pronounced
CHORE-egg — a sweet, tender yeast roll served as a breakfast pastry or
snack with olives and cheese.

Seena Karapetian, 22, of West Bloomfield, whose grandfather was one of
St. Sarkis’ founding members, is proud to be learning about her
heritage. The senior, who is studying elementary education at Wayne
State University, has joined the elders periodically since summer. She
said the women give her and her friends the gift of Armenian identity
with every kufta — seasoned beef and bulgar-stuffed meatballs — they
teach her how to create.

“We always joke we should dip their hands in gold,” Karapetian said. “We
want to keep going the traditions of our church and our culture any way
we can.”

The festival draws many non-Armenian guests by using the international
language of food, said the Rev. Daron Stepanian, pastor of St. Sarkis
since 2000. He said the outreach creates an appreciation of Armenian
food in the same way everyone enjoys Italian pizza and the traditional
fare of China.

“To show the Armenian ethnic dishes are something to present to others:
It’s a pride,” he said.

The food sale is also the single biggest annual fund-raiser for the
church. By the time the last piece of lahmajoon, commonly referred to as
Armenian pizza, is gone Sunday, the church will have netted between
$40,000 and $50,000.

This year, the church also made an investment in the future, Stepanian

“In this day, little by little, as the elders are going away, it gets
harder for everyone to do the baking,” Stepanian said. “They’re trying
to bake what their mothers, their grandmothers have been baking. Now
that bridge we are trying to build.”

IF YOU GO . . .

*What: *St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church’s 42nd annual fall festival.

*When: * Festival hours are 3-10 p.m. Saturday and 12:30-3:30 p.m. Sunday.

*Where: *St. Sarkis is at 19300 Ford Road, between Southfield and
Evergreen, in Dearborn.

*For more information: *Call the church at 313-336-6828.

*Copyright © 2004 Detroit Free Press Inc.*

Un Essai Sur Les Atrocites Perpetrees Par l’Empire Ottoman Parait

La Croix
28 octobre 2004

Près d’un siècle après son écriture, un essai sur les atrocités
perpétrées par l’Empire ottoman paraît enfin. Le meurtre de la nation
arménienne. LES MASSACRES DES ARMENIENS d’Arnold J. Toynbee. Payot,
297 p., 23 Euro.

PLOQUIN Jean-Christophe

Dans le tumulte effroyable de la Première Guerre mondiale, un jeune
fonctionnaire anglais de 26 ans assiste à distance, depuis Londres,
aux massacres des Arméniens par le gouvernement de l’Empire ottoman.
Arnold J. Toynbee n’attend pas la publication du rapport officiel –
un Livre bleu – qu’il rédige sous la houlette d’un ancien
ambassadeur, lord James Bryce, et qui ne paraîtra qu’un an plus tard.

En novembre 1915, il publie à Londres un essai court, Les massacres
des Arméniens. Le meurtre d’une nation, qui met en perspective une
entreprise systématique de destruction du peuple arménien qui évoque
irréfutablement aujourd’hui une volonté de génocide. Ce terme
n’existait pas à l’époque mais Arnold J. Toynbee, devenu entre-temps
un des plus célèbres historiens britanniques, l’utilisera quarante
ans plus tard dans son oeuvre majeure, La Grande Histoire de

Aujourd’hui, Les massacres des Arméniens ne peut être qu’un document
parmi d’autres pour la recherche de la vérité. Ecrit dans l’instant
sur la base de témoignages de première ou de seconde main transmis
oralement ou par écrit, il paraît près d’un siècle plus tard
incomplet et très dépendant de sources américaines, qui semblent en
avoir su davantage.

Ce document court de 140 pages est toutefois un document d’histoire
et la nouvelle édition augmentée, préfacée et annotée par Claire
Mouradian, l’éclaire utilement. Y sont notamment joints des extraits
du Livre bleu , écrit fin 1916 alors que les Britanniques tentent de
faire entrer les Etats-Unis dans la guerre à leur côté, dont
l’approche est à la fois plus argumentée et la conclusion
synthétique. Un dictionnaire biographique apporte en outre un utile
arrière-plan historique.

Branch of Armsavinsbank Robbed in Yerevan


04.11.2004 19:11

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ One of the Yerevan branches of the Armsavingsbank was
robbed, Aravot Armenian newspaper reported. According to the source, on
October 28 at about 11 a.m. local time two men in masks entered the
foyer of the bank and threatening with Kalashnikov gun took away a sum
amounting in almost $1.8 thousand and 18 telephone cards.

Ajedrez: Oro para Ucrania, delante de Rusia y Armenia

Deutsche Presse-Agentur
October 29, 2004, Friday

Ajedrez: Oro para Ucrania, delante de Rusia y Armenia

Calvia (Espana), 29 oct

Ucrania, el unico pais imbatido en todo el torneo, se proclamo hoy
campeon olimpico de ajedrez con 39,5 puntos. La medalla de plata fue
para Rusia, defensora del titulo, y la de bronce para Armenia, que
repite su hazana de hace dos anos en Bled.

En la decimocuarta y ultima ronda de la 36 Olimpiada de Calvia,
Ucrania derroto a Francia por 3-1 y aventajo en 3,0 puntos a sus dos
rivales, que terminaron ambos con 36,5 puntos. Rusia se llevo la

plata por una minima diferencia tras aplicarse el sistema de
desempate Buchholz -se suman los puntos obtenidos por los rivales con
los que uno ha jugado y quien tenga mayor numero, gana-.

El ingrato cuarto lugar fue para Estados Unidos (35,0), seguido de
Israel (34,5), India (34,0) y Cuba, en septimo lugar con 33,5,
Holanda (33,0), Bulgaria 32,5 y Espana A, en decimo lugar con 32,5

En categoria femenina, China reedito su triunfo de Bled hace dos anos
triunfando con 31,0 puntos, seguida de Estados Unidos (38,0) y Rusia
con 27,5 puntos.

Resultados de la ultima ronda:

Ucrania – Francia 3-1 Espana A – Finlandia 3,5-0,5 Rusia – China 3-1
Armenia – Georgia 3,5-0,5 Israel – Cuba 2-2 India – Bulgaria 2,5-1,5
EEUU – Noruega 3,5-0,5 Azerbeiyan- Grecia 1,5-2,5 Polonia – Alemania

Argentina – Bielorrusia 1,5-2,5 Espana B – Australia 1,5-2,5 Espana C
– Luxemburgo 2-2 Mexico – Estonia 1-3 Chile – Suecia 2,5-1,5 Ecuador
– Brasil 2-2 Venezuela – Sudafrica 1-3 Colombia – Tailandia 3,5-0,5
Peru – Uruguay 3-1 Andorra – Tunez 2,5-1,5 Nicaragua – Bolivia 1-3
Rep. Dom. – Gales 3,5-0,5 Guatemala – Kirgistan 1,5-2,5 Costa Rica-
Honduras 2,5-1,5 Paraguay – Botswana 2,5-1,5 Jamaica – Irak 1-3 P.
Rico – Libia 2,5-1,5 Panama – Nepal 2-2

Categoria femenina:

China – Eslovaquia 2-1 Rusia – Francia 2-1 EEUU – Vietnam 2,5-0,5
Zsusa Polgar Ucrania – Georgia 2,5-0,5 Holanda – Hungria 2-1 Espana A
– Espana B 1,5-1,5 India – Inglaterra 1-2 Polonia – Rumania 2-1
Bulgaria – Suecia 1,5-1,5 Alemania – Cuba 2-1

Argentina – Bielorrusia 1,5-1,5 Peru – Letonia 0-3 Colombia – Gales
2-1 Brasil – Croacia 1-2 Ecuador – Uzbekistan 0-3 Venezuela – Austria
2-1 Mexico – Sri Lanka 2,5-0,5 Guatemala – Rep. Dom. 2,5-0,5 Bolivia
– Japon 2,5-0,5 Costa Rica- Honduras 2,5-0,5 P. Rico – I.Virgenes
EEUU 3-0

dpa to gs

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Karabakh Telecom Won Tender on Providing Cellular in Armenia


04.11.2004 18:05

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Nagorno Karabakh’s telecommunication operator,
Karabakh Telecom Company, has won the tender announced by the Armenian
government and obtained the right to provide cellular communication in
the republic, press service of the Armenian government reported.
According to the source, the Armenian Ministry of Transport and
Communications as well as the Ministry of Justice were given
corresponding instructions on the occasion. To remind, as Armenian
Justice Minister David Harutyunian stated due to the outcomes of
yesterday’s special sitting, the government will deprive Armentel
company of the monopoly of cellular communication.