George Bush Senior in hospital with neck injury after fall

Former US President George HW Bush has been admitted to hospital after breaking a bone in his neck in a fall at his home in Maine, the BBC reports.

His spokesman said he was in a stable condition and his hospital stay was expected to be brief.

Mr Bush, who has Parkinson’s disease and cannot use his legs, celebrated his 90th birthday last year with a sky dive.

He had to go to hospital at the end of last year with shortness of breath.

Spokesman Jim McGrath said Mr Bush, the oldest of the four living former US presidents, would need to wear a neck brace following his fall on Wednesday morning in Kennebunkport.

RZA & System Of A Down’s Shavo Odadjian release new album

Wu Tang Clan’s RZA has released a collaborative album with System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian, reports.

The duo had first announced their project Achozen (pronounced “a chosen”) in the mid-2000s, around when the bassist was hyping an ill-fated online music community called urSession. But other than the release a few tracks (“Deuces,” “Salute/Sacrifice”), the group seemed to fall by the wayside. Now eight tracks of the act’s spacey, lushly textured hip-hop are available with the purchase of a limited-edition portable speaker, the Boombotix Boombot Pro.

“We both come from struggle. We come from oppression. I didn’t know Armenia was the first country to accept Christianity as its national religion. And I didn’t know about the Armenian genocide. I knew about the black man’s struggle in America from slavery to civil rights to whatever we still go through, but you think that that struggle is just personal. You don’t realize, “Oh, wow, the Asian brothers went through a struggle. The Armenian brothers went through a struggle. Now the Pakistani and the brothers in the Middle East is going through a lot of struggle based on situations.” Right? So, I became aware and that helped connect us,” RZA told the Rolling Stone.

“That led to our second song, which is called “Fabricated Lies” and is about the Armenian genocide. He gave me a couple of books as well, but I was moved by the struggle enough that I wrote a verse,” he said.

Speaking about the first-ever concert of the System of A Down in Armenia on the ove of the 100th anniversray of the Armenian Genocide, Shavo Odadjian said: “We played two-and-a-half hours, 37 songs. We played outside to 100,000 people; there was not spot for people to even pit. It was pouring rain, lightning going on. I cried onstage a few times. It was emotional to think that I was that age, that they were like little me’s, my little kids. And we’re in our country, but it’s their country because they live there and we are giving them what they’ve only see on the internet, live. From grandparents to three-year-olds were there, standing in the rain watching this crazy band. But it was just amazing and I don’t think that it can ever be duplicated unless it was a 200th anniversary. It was perfect. Everything perfectly fell into place.”

Woman who abandoned Down Syndrome baby in Armenia reunites with child

Woman who abandoned Down Syndrome baby in Armenia has reunited with the child, the reports.

The wife of a New Zealand father who abandoned him and their newborn baby in Armenia after discovering the baby had Down Syndrome has denied she is now back living with them both because of the huge amount of cash raised for their cause.

Samuel Forrest, from New Zealand, made international headlines in February when he started a fundraising campaign to help raise baby Leo after his Armenian wife Ruzan Badalyan abandoned them in Armenia where he ran his own business. 

More than $600,000 was raised. But since then Ms Badalyan has returned to her husband and child despite filing for divorce a week after Leo was born in her home country.

The fact Mr Forrest is now $600,000 richer thanks to the money that was raised for Leo, is not the reason why Ms Badalyan changed her mind, she told 3News. She is just delighted to be reunited wither her son.

‘It was the happiest day,’ she says. ‘He was so small, so cute. I remember I hugged him. He started making some noises. He was so cute. I was very happy.

‘I undressed him and skin to skin, he did that noise. He’d do it a bit for me, but in his sleep he did it for a whole hour like a little kitten. He knew he’d found his mummy.

‘I was afraid he wouldn’t remember me. It was very scary but hopefully he did. At that moment I realised I could never let him go.

‘I’m not an ideal mother; I’m simply a mother. But I’m doing my best.’

She has asked not to be judged by New Zealanders – it has not been revealed exactly where in the country they are living – but that they can just be left alone to get on happily as a family.

Armenia will get assistance from CSTO partners if necessary: Nikolay Bordyuzha




“Armenia is a full member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and has the right to get assistance from allies in case of negative developments on its territory. Armenia will get support from partners if necessary,” CSTO Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha said at the Yerevan-Moscow-Astana space bridge.

Asked by an Armenian journalist whether he ever sent an invitation to Azerbaijan to join the CSTO, Bordyuzha said: “I don’t remember having sent an invitation to Azerbaijan, although I think all countries should participate in the works of a security system.”

“The CSTO is ready to discuss the membership of any country – be it Iran, Georgia or Azerbaijan. Should Azerbaijan file an application to join the CSTO, we’ll discuss it, but will discuss with all member states, including Armenia,” Bordyuzha stated.

Asked by a Moscow-based Azerbaijani journalist what the CSTO is doing regarding the Karabakh conflict, the CSTO Secretary General said: “International mechanisms, including the Minsk Group, have been created to seek ways for the settlement of the conflict and find solutions acceptable to both parties. I’m more than assured that no other institutions should interfere.”

“We are well aware of the situation at the line of contact, we are aware of the ceasefire violations and the number of victims, but we have no right to interfere with the settlement process,” he added.

At the same time, the Secretary General added that “Armenia is a full member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and has the right to get assistance from allies in case of negative developments on its territory. Armenia will get support from partners if necessary.”

Real Madrid fires coach Carlo Ancelotti

Real Madrid has fired coach Carlo Ancelotti, one season after he led the club to its 10th European Cup title, the Associated Press reports.

Club president Florentino Perez said Monday that Ancelotti’s successor would be announced next week.

Madrid failed to win a trophy this season, finishing second in the Spanish league — two points behind archrival Barcelona — and losing in the Champions League semifinals to Juventus.

Speaking after a board meeting at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Perez said it was time Madrid moved on and achieved “a new impetus.”

Ancelotti completed two years of the three-year contract he signed with Madrid in June 2013.

Ancelotti came to Madrid from Paris Saint-Germain, where he was replaced on the same day by former France coach Laurent Blanc.