​Soldiers drafted from Armenia to Artsakh discharged early at Azerbaijan’s demand, MP says


Armenia – Aug 3 2022

MP Tigran Abrahamyan of the opposition Pativ Unem faction has addressed reports concerning the early discharge of soldiers drafted from Armenia to Artsakh.

After the 2020 war, no conscripts were drafted from Armenia to Artsakh and the last conscripted soldiers were expected to be discharged later in August.

“Although in August 2022 the last groups of soldiers drafted from Armenia two years ago were to be discharged in Artsakh, it seems that the demobilization was carried out ahead of schedule at the behest of Azerbaijan,” Abrahamyan wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

“In other words, both in this case and in the issue concerning the shutdown of the Lachin corridor, Azerbaijan, besides implementing its political priorities, is doing everything possible to completely humiliate the Armenian authorities.

“The Artsakh authorities and the Defense Army are yet to explain why the demobilization is being carried out promptly and under which document,” the deputy said.