Arkady Karapetyan: Did government fail to build alternative road because of miscalculation or on purpose?

Armenia – Aug 3 2022

The aim of Azerbaijan's attacks on Artsakh is to obtain the Lachin corridor, Arkady Karapetyan (Ago), the first commander of the NKR Self-Defense Army, told today.

"They aim to evacuate the people of Artsakh, but our government hasn't built a new road yet. If they attack and kill people, it will be difficult to escape because there is no road. Coincidences give rise to doubts. Wrong decisions always lead to tragedy. Didn't the government build the alternate road as a result of faulty calculation or intent? Everyone can comment all they want. You don't have to say big patriotic things, you have to understand what you can do. If we could not build a road and hold our ground, there would be no need to build a road. However, I'm not sure whether we are capable of it or not, especially when our ally is not fulfilling its function," Karapetyan said.