Democracy is being used to destroy democracy itself, warns Armenian PM




YEREVAN, MAY 20, ARMENPRESS. Democracy in Armenia isn’t cloudless, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the Armenian Forum for Democracy.

“We are facing two groups of problems. All democratic countries face the first group of problems. This problem is the following: the use of democracy against democracy itself. You know that all democratic countries face this challenge today. This is the phenomena when democratic principles are used to destroy democracy. And on this path we must record our strategy, as to how we must overcome this challenge. It is my strongest conviction that the best way to overcome this challenge is the establishment of democratic institutions, the democratization of state institutions literally based on the professionalism, lawfulness, transparency and accountability of the state institutions."

The PM said that the problems of the judiciary are also one of the challenges.

“Many people here in attendance today are criticizing us for not having progress in the judiciary reforms, and we find this criticism to be objective, justified, although perhaps we ourselves are also criticizing us, but on the other hand perhaps we know the problems more in depth. Perhaps some of our colleagues who criticize us have in depth knowledge as well, but nevertheless they don’t find it to be a justification, and the other part don’t know it that well, and nevertheless they don’t find it to be a justification neither. But we are determined to pass this road and we must be consistent in this matter.”