Opposition MP: Current Armenian government is ‘known only for its lies’

Armenia – May 6 2022

Anti-government protests resumed in Armenia on Friday, with thousands of opposition supporters blocking roads and holding marches in Yerevan for the sixth consecutive day.

"Obviously, the authorities have fears, because our citizens are rising up to fight. They realize how serious the situation is and have now taken to the streets,” MP Tigran Abrahamyan from the opposition With Honor (Pativ Unem) bloc told reporters during a march.

Speaking about Nikol Pashinyan's May 4 statement in the National Assembly that he would make an important disclosure soon, Abrahamyan said: "Pashinyan is trying to fill the information vacuum and continue their propaganda on the common information platform. There could be nothing else. If Pashinyan had information that could cause sensation, he wouldn't have waited 4 years and would have disclosed it long ago.”

“The current government is known only for its lies and fabrications, thus it makes no sense to expect anything serious in these conditions,” the lawmaker said.