Opposition MP: Armenian authorities didn’t ‘wake up’ even after latest Azerbaijani aggression

Panorama, Armenia
Nov 30 2021

The current Armenian authorities failed to “wake up” even after the latest Azerbaijani military aggression causing casualties and territorial losses, MP Tigran Abrahamyan from the opposition With Honor faction said on Tuesday.

"Even after the latest Azerbaijani aggression, as a result of which we suffered territorial losses, 6 casualties and have 32 prisoners of war, the authorities did not wake up. As soon as the situation stabilized, they again focused on strengthening their grip on power,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Their aim is not to prevent a new aggression, but to put the blame on someone in each case,” Abrahamyan said, adding the opposition is almost always held responsible for Azerbaijani aggression.

The lawmaker blamed the authorities for their failure to properly equip Armenian combat positions.

“No serious resources are used to properly equip and upgrade combat positions and to organize reliable protection, while there are always funds for information terror and the state machine of repression. This is the inglorious future they promised,” the MP said.

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