Tigran Abrahamyan: New ‘propaganda bubbles’, new territorial losses

Panorama, Armenia
Nov 27 2021

MP Tigran Abrahamyan from the opposition With Honor faction reacted to the statements of Armenian Defense Minister Suren Papikyan at a meeting with the military’s top brass on Saturday.

At the meeting, the minister “stressed the importance of ensuring the continuity of large-scale reforms in the army and their effective course.”

“It turns out that not only "large-scale reforms" were carried out in the military, but also they are still going on: even their efficiency is already assessed,” Abrahamyan wrote on Facebook.

“It is very surprising that the new defense minister did not congratulate the General Staff chief for repulsing the Azerbaijani aggression on May 12 and November 16, throwing back Azerbaijani forces to the initial positions and reliably ensuring the security of Armenia’s sovereign territory. New propaganda bubbles, new territorial losses!” he said.

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