Opposition MP: Armenian authorities launched process to push Artsakh issue into the background

Panorama, Armenia
Nov 24 2021

The Armenian authorities have launched a process to push the Artsakh issue into the background, according to MP Tigran Abrahamyan from the opposition With Honor faction.

“The authorities have embarked on an operation to push the issue of Artsakh into the background, focusing public attention on the security and infrastructure issues of Syunik, Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik Provinces, as a result of which the Artsakh issue has been (or is being) left out of public debates,” he wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

“This is a clear policy aimed at closing the Artsakh issue, avoiding any responsibility related to Artsakh and protecting themselves from the negative impact of the developments surrounding Artsakh in the future,” Abrahamyan said.

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