Pashinyan buys $7 million spyware to spy on opposition figures, editors –

Panorama, Armenia
Sept 22 2021

Nikol Pashinyan has spent $7 million to buy Pegasus spyware to track opposition figures as well as editors of independent media outlets, reported.

“In the fight against internal enemies, Nikol Pashinyan went so far that he even bought Pegasus spyware worth $7 million. In other countries, this tool is used in foreign intelligence to spy on those who pose a threat to the country's security,” it said.

“The mechanism is quite simple: a regular advertising SMS link is sent to the specified phone and after its opening the software is installed on the mobile phone. Incidentally, the cost of "hunting" for one person is more than $10,000. The thing is that this spyware gains access to Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook pages.

“The authorities have introduced the new tool mainly to use it against the opposition, but the targets are selected by the direct order of Pashinyan. We have learned that the editor of one of the independent media outlets has also been included in this network," the news site said.

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