Asbarez: Prelacy Launches $110,000 ‘Satig Der Ohanessian’ Fund to Bolster Cultural Programs

To honor the memory of the recently deceased Satig Der Ohanessian, her husband, Meher Der Ohanessian, heeded a suggestion from Western Prelate Bishop Torkom Donoyan and established the “Satig Der Ohanessian” Fund, with $110,000. The fund will be under the supervision of the Prelate and will be allocated to the Prelacy’s cultural efforts, specifically to bolster its musical endeavors.

The Prelate welcomed Meher Der Ohanessian, the Vice-President of the Prelacy Executive Council, who was accompanied by his sons, Ari and Saro and their spouses. Prelate Donoyan, once again, praised the Der Ohanessian family for their continued commitment to the Prelacy, and welcomed the family’s decision to heed his request.

Meher Der Ohanessian thanked the Prelate for his genuine suggestion for the creation of the fund to memorialize his beloved wife, Satig. Der Ohanessian said that he was proud that in honor of Satig, this fund will continuously work within the Western Prelacy and pledged that he and his family will support all the programs of the “Satig Der Ohanessian” Fund.

The $110,000 fund was created from the Der Ohanessian’s family’s generous support during the sad passing of Satig Der Ohanessian, as well as the in lieu of flowers donations from Satig’s family and friends.

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