Tigran Abrahamyan: Armenian authorities’ thesis paves the way for further territorial losses

Panorama, Armenia

The thesis of the current Armenian authorities that “if Armenia refuses to make concessions, new war will break out” has undergone “various transformations” over the recent eight months, according to military expert Tigran Abrahamyan, the head of the analytical center Henaket.

“Karvachar, Akna, Kashatag, and later the parts of Kovsakan, Sanasar, which were held by Armenians as of November 9, 2020, as well as a number of villages in the Hadrut region, were ceded [to Azerbaijan] with a similar ‘justification’,” he wrote on Facebook on Friday.

Abrahamyan claimed during the pre-election period, this thesis is used with various changes to convince people that “if we are not in power, the opposition will start a new war in the event of winning the elections.”

“This not only aims to complete their dirty work by intimidating and misleading people and playing on their emotions, but also paves the way for further territorial losses.

“The sector of society with sober judgement today believes it is not the time to reproach and accuse each other, but it is necessary to join forces in order to explain to people, convince them and present the reality to them through various tools.

“It does not matter whether it will be carried out through rallies, actions, interviews or meetings on the ground, the priority is presenting the true state of affairs to people,” he said.